Top Ten Holy Week Songs

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Holy Week is fast approaching. Therefore, now is the time to reveal this community's Top Ten Holy Week Songs. After a lengthy process of entering song titles, listening, voting and tallying, these songs were the ones that affected us most, particularly for Holy Week, encompassing Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday), Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday), Good Friday, and Holy Saturday... up to (but not including) the Easter Vigil.

  1. Calvary by Sean Clive
    Jesus calls us to embrace our own cross as He hangs upon His.
  2. And Time Stood Still by Dan Dúet
    With this Good Friday song, I wanted to tie in the killing of an innocent Man with the killing of the innocent, unborn today.
  3. Holy Thursday by Nick Alexander
    Funny--but reverent--update on The Mamas and the Papas'"Monday Monday"in homage of the Triduum.
  4. Lamb of God by Trish Foti Genco
    Beautiful cover of the classic Twila Paris song.
  5. Forsaken by John Flynn
    Haunting rendering of Psalm 22, written for Palm (Passion) Sunday
  6. Psalm 42 (As the Deer Longs) by Lynn Geyer
    A sweet and gentle reminder of all that God is to us and how we really don't need to worry.
  7. Eyes by Nancy Krebs
    This song is about the Passion and Death of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the wife of a Roman soldier. It is very dear to my heart.
  8. Father (The Passion) by Bob Metivier

    I wrote it for the Good Friday service several years ago, and got through it until just when it ended, and then it literally"took me out."
  9. Oh My People by Apostolica

    The words are based on the classical"Good Friday Reproaches." Of all my songs, this one evokes the most emotion.
  10. Via Dolorosa by Mel Kennedy
    Watching Heather Whitestone, the first and only deaf Miss America, perform a ballet to this song, gave me inspiration to record my own version.

Feel free to listen in to each of these songs, and make them your own. These iMixes are set up easily so that you can download them to your computer, and listen to them on your MP3 player... or you can burn them onto a CD and listen to them there. Or, you can purchase the albums directly from the vendors. It will bring a greater sense of devotion to this, most sacred and solemn of weeks.


Traditional Holy Week hymns

Traditional Holy Week hymns – which ones are your favorite? On 2/20/2014 Nick Alexander wrote to members of three Catholic songwriter groups: Holy Week Hymns Survey Please take a moment of time and share with me those hymns that you recognize and enjoy most for this most sacred of seasons. I hope to create a musical offering that includes the best of these treasured songs. Abroad The Regal Banners Fly Ah Wounded Head Must Thou Endure Ah, Holy Jesus How, Hast Thou Offended Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed! All Glory, Laud, And Honor All Ye That Pass By Alone Thou Goest Forth, O Lord And Now The Sun's Declining Rays And Why, Dear Saviour, Tell Me Why Angels Of Peace, Look Down From Heaven And Mourn Are Thy Toils And Woes Increasing Ashamed Of Thee! O Dearest Lord At The Cross Her Station Keeping Because He Loved His Own Behold The Lamb Of God! Beneath The Cross Of Jesus Beneath Thy Cross I Lay Me Down Blessed Lamb On Calvary's Mountain Blessed Saviour, Thee I Love Bound Upon The Accursed Tree Bow Down, My Soul, For He Hath Bowed His Head Brightest And Best Of The Sons Of The Morning By The Blood That Flowed From Thee By The Cross, The Mother-Maiden Christ, The Life Of All The Living Christe, Du Lamm Gottes Christians Who Of Jesus' Sorrows Come To Calvary's Holy Mountain Come, All Ye Chosen Saints Of God Come, Let Us Sing Of Jesus Come, Let Us Sit And Weep Crux Ave Benedicta Drop, Drop, Slow Tears Father, Forgive Them; For Thy Know Not Want They Do Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee For Our Transgressions Thou Wast Wounded Full Of Trembling Expectation Gethesemane, Thou Dolesome Place Gloria Laus Et Honor Glory Be To Jesus Go Forth In Spirit, Go Go To Dark Gethsemane Greatest High Priest, Saviour Christ Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Hail Thou Head So Bruised And Torn Hail, Thou Once-Despised Jesus Hark! The Voice Of Love And Mercy Have Mercy, Lord, On Me He Dies! The Friend Of Sinners, Dies! He Took My Place On Calvary He Who Once, In Righteous Vengeance Heal Me, O My Saviour, Heal His Are The Thousand Sparkling Rills Holy Ghost, Dispel Our Sadness Hosanna Filio David Hosanna To The Living Lord! Hosanna We Sing, Like The Children Dear How Oft, Alas! This Wretched Heart How Shall I Follow Him I Serve? I Could Not Do Without Thee I Hunger And I Thirst I See My Jesus Crucified I Sought The Lord, And Afterward I Knew In His Own Raiment Clad In The Cross Of Christ I Glory In The Hour Of Trial In The Lord's Atoning Grief Ingrediente It Is Finished! Christ Hath Known Jesu Still Lead On Jesus Drinks The Bitter Cup Jesus Hath Died That I Might Live Jesus! Exalted Far On High Jesus, As Though Thyself Wert Here Jesus, In Thy Dying Woes Jesus, Meek And Lowly Jesus, Merciful And Mild Jesus, Name All Names Above Jesus, Refuge Of The Weary Jesus, Saviour, Son Of God Jesus, Tender Savior, Hast Thou Died For Me? Lamb Of God, For Sinners Slain Lamb Of God, Whose Dying Love Let Thy Blood In Mercy Poured Lift Your Heads, Ye Friends Of Jesus Lord In This Thy Mercy's Day Lord Jesus! When We Stand Afar Lord Jesus, By Thy Passion Lord Jesus, When We Stand Afar Lord, As To Thy Dear Cross We Flee Lord, I Hear Of Showers Of Blessing Lord, Thy Death And Passion Give Lowly And Solemn Be Man Of Sorrows, Wrapt In Grief Mi Popule, Quid Merui? More Love To Thee, O Christ! My Dear Redeemer, And My Lord My God, Permit Me Not To Be My Jesus Say What Wretch Has Dared My Lord, My Master, At Thy Feet Adoring My Saviour Hanging On The Tree Nature With Open Volume Stands Near The Cross Her Vigil Keeping Nearer, My God, To Thee Not All The Blood Of Beasts Now From The Garden To The Cross Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record Now Let Our Pains Be All Forgot Now Let Us Join With Hearts And Tongues Now, My Soul, Thy Voice Upraising O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile O Cross Of Christ, O Noblest Tree O Jesu! Lord Most Merciful O Jesu, We Adore Thee O Jesus! Lord Most Merciful O Jesus, Crucified For Man O Jesus, Thou Art Standing O Jesus, Who Seized And Bound Thee? O Lamb Of God, Our Savior O Lord, Turn Not Thy Face From Me O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done? O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High O Mean May Seem This House Of Clay O Mother Most Afflicted O My People, O Mine Own! O Mystery Of Love Divine O Perfect Life Of Love! O Sacred Head, Now Wounded O Saviour, Where Shall Guilty Man O Sinner Lift The Eye Of Faith O The Bitter Shame And Sorrow O Thou From Whom All Goodness Flows O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry O Thou The Contrite Sinners' Friend O Thou The Eternal Son Of God O Thou Who Hast Our Sorrows Borne O Thou Who Through This Holy Week O World Behold Upon The Tree O'erwhelmed In Depths Of Woe Of The Glorious Body Telling Oh, Help Us, Lord; Each Hour Of Need One View, Lord Jesus, Of Thy Passion Onward, Christian! Thou' The Region Our Sins On Christ Were Laid Pain And Toil Are Over Now Pange Lingua Praise To The Holiest In The Height Prince Of Peace Control My Will Recordare Virgo Mater Dei Resting From His Work Today Ride On, Ride On In Majesty Savior When In Dust To Thee Say My Own Dear People See The Destined Day Arise See Where In Shame The God Of Glory Hangs Sing With Awe In Strains Melodious Sing, My Tongue, The Saviour's Battle Sinners! Turn, Why Will Ye Die? Slain For My Soul Son Of Man, To Thee I Cry Stabat Mater Suffering Son Of Man, Be Near Me Sunset To Sunrise Changes Now Sweet The Moments, Rich In Blessing The Grave Itself A Garden Is The Old Rugged Cross The Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away The Royal Banners Forward Go The Spirit In Our Hearts The Sun Is Sinking Fast The Way Of The Cross Leads Home There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood There Is A Green Hill Far Away Thou, Lord, By Strictest Search Hast Known Thro' Him, Who All Our Sickness Felt Throned Upon The Awful Tree Thy Chastening Wrath, O Lord, Restrain Thy Life Was Given For Me 'Tis Finished; So The Savior Cried 'Tis For Conquering Kings To Gain Tis Midnight; And On Olive's Brow Today The Saviour Calls: Ye Wand'rers, Come Today Thy Mercy Calls Us Turned By Thy Grace, I Look Within Ubi Caritas Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Virgin Of All Virgins Blest We Sing The Praise Of Him Who Died Weary Of Self, And Laden With My Sin Were You There When They Crucified My Lord What A Sea Of Tears And Sorrows What Are Those Soul-Reviving Strains What Equal Honours Shall We Bring What Wondrous Love Is This When At Thy Footstool, Lord, I Bend When I Survey The Wondrous Cross When Morning Gilds The Skies When My Love To Christ Grows Weak When Our Heads Are Bowed With Woe When Sorrow And Remorse When Wounded Sore The Stricken Soul When, His Salvation Bringing Who Is This That Comes From Edom Wide Open Are Thy Hands Yonder--Amazing Sight!--I See Are there other hymns you would like to suggest? 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