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We invite you to visit Catholic Liturgy in Song, a new website that is currently offering free downloads of audio demos and sheet music for a wide range of liturgical and faith formation uses:

Catholic Wedding Songs

Confirmation/Youth Mass

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Misa para Funerales

Responsorial Psalms • Salmos Responsoriales

Sabado Santo / Pascua • Holy Saturday / Easter Vigil

Faith Songs for Liturgies and Devotions

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Liturgy is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning "the work of the people". Our website is "the work of the people in song." It is also the Catholic mass in song. Taken together, "Liturgy in Song" covers a lot of ground – from sacred hymns and psalms to sacramental songs to catechetical songs to inspirational songs of faith. We embrace the Catholic tradition of music with lyrics that are theologically and doctrinally sound. Our songs are easy to learn and perform.

Note our growing collection of Salmos Responsoriales – written specifically for guitar-centric Spanish-speaking congregations with official texts from We will eventually cover the entire three-year liturgical calendar (ciclos A, B y C).

Anthony Moran (composer)
Richard Schletty (media manager)