In Your Arms of Love ©2017 MSTM † MUSIC

O' Lord I have made so many mistakes
O' Lord I have done so many wild and crazy things
 My sins ungodly, my offenses great
O' Lord I am not worthy of Your love and Your grace.
O' my heart is heavy, my mind confused
Fearful and afraid, not knowing what else to do
So I scatter for cover, now hidden away
Hoping You will find me and show me the way.
For I have wandered and strayed off into the wilderness
Shine Your light upon my darkness on bended knee I pray
O' Lord help me up, turn around, lead me back
To where I am safe and sound
In Your arms of love.
O' take away all my stress, hate, worry and pain
Replace all with Your joy, love, peace and passion
I beg and offer Thee all my sorrows and my shame
Lord please forgive me, my offenses and my sins
For You deserve all thanks and praise all of my days now
So I offer all to you my God as best as I know how
I want to be Your faithful child, pleasing to Thee
I believe in You and know You love me.
So I run to You my stronghold, my Savior, my God
Lord, You are my refuge, my shelter from all storms
Draw me to Thee, residing ever close to You
For there is no place I'd rather be
Then in Your arms of love.

© 2017 MSTM † MUSIC



a thank u

Thank you to Richard Schletty, 
for bringing Christian Catholic music sound poet artists a place to be a part of a community and share within.
Here's a toast to helping us help you create a solid site for the art of sound and langauge of music for GOD !!!
Thank you for all your hard work and sharing with us, and helping us with developing our own lil nook here on With apperciation and thanks again... Michael from MSTM † MUSIC

May the Holy Trinity Keep us
and our blessed tones...