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    Fetal Records official release

    3/26/2015. Fetal Records presents its second full album release since its revival under the Subsidiarity project. A mixed styles CD, Home highlights Berklee School of Music graduate and blues guitarist Tony Fazio with special appearances by contributing artists, including two new singles by the hardcore punk band Law and Order, the original Fetal Records band, noted blues vocalist Charlie Sayles, drummer Greg Phillips of Starpoint fame, singer/sonwriter Ken Francis Wenzel, and Scott Taylor, singer for the blues band Electrofied. The album also introduces Run Little Elephant, featuring Chris Watling of the GrandsonsRecorded, engineered and mastered at the Fetal Records and Tony Fazio studios with some mixing and mastering by Richard Schletty

    The new release is available at

    The album includes...  Read Full Story >>>

    TCS Yahoo discussion group

    Catholic composers and musicians are invited to join our "TopCatholicSongs" chat group (hosted by Yahoo). Our focuses are  contemporary Catholic songwriting, music ministry and artist/band promotion. To join, send an email to: 

    Include a brief bio and your reason for joining our discussion group. 

    After joining, take a look at the Welcome files, FAQ's and musician discussions. And then, pass the word on to your musician friends.

    For too long, Catholic song artists have gone without proper promotion. Now we take initiative, guided by the Spirit. Top Catholic Songs can help showcase and promote Catholic performing songwriters who are creating new compositions for evangelization, worship, meditation, family values, celebration, social justice and human rights. We also feature bands who bring classic sacred songs to life with artistic, soulful and innovative renditions.

    Our private Yahoo group offers...  Read Full Story >>>

    Patrice Egging: Holy Spirit-inspired songs of life, love and faith

    Patrice EggingAn announcement from TCS core member Patrice Egging:

    I have a dream to record the music that God generously gives to me.....and you can help! Please take a look at my Kickstarter project:

    Kickstarter project: Holy Spirit-inspired piano and songs of life, love and faith

    The Songs are there...waiting...waiting. This project of music does not have a title yet. I’m leaning towards the words from one of the songs, "Seeking the truth is not always easy," shortened to "Seeking the Truth."

    I'm so excited to be working with David Smith from Icon Studios.

    • Check out the link to the project.
    • Watch the video...

    George Lower "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music Project

    George Lower is a core member of our Top Catholic Songs discussion group. He's a Catholic artist and an all-around great guy with lots of life stories he is telling in song. Help him out by pledging to his "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music Project. I just did! – Richard

    See sample track at bottom of story.

    Kickstarter project info here: "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music album 

    George Lower is an award winning singer/songwriter with more than twenty years of experience leading worship and music in church. He is a third generation Floridian who grew up in Alachua, Florida; and, he studied guitar as child under the tutelage of deceased Gainesville jazz guitar legend, Charles Bush, Jr. During his career as a full time church musician George began to write songs that reflected his passion for his faith. George's songwriting credits include awards from for Top Ten Songs for Lent with "Turn My Heart" and Top Ten Holy Spirit Songs with "Shine Out." George's sacred music is currently published by International Liturgy Publications in Nashville, TN. After leaving full time ministry in 2011, George began touring as a retreat leader with the Dynamic Catholic Institute performing for audiences nationwide. In conjunction with the change in jobs, George released an EP titled "Hold My Hand" in October 2013. The title track was...  Read Full Story >>>

    Annette Hills - Speaker & Performing Artist - For the Glory of God

    This YouTube video presentation is about Annette Hills who is a Catholic / Christian inspirational speaker, recording artist and songwriter who gives talks and sings for the glory of God. More details about Annette's ministry may be found at her website ( where her albums may be purchased as well as at iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby and other sites. She is also listed with Catholic Music Ministries (formerly the Catholic Association of Music), CMG Booking, ReverbNation, and you may follow and "like" her on Facebook and Twitter.

    Annette won the Album of the Year Award from Catholic Music Express and was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her song "The Prayer" was also nominated for Song of the Year.

    Go ahead and jot a note to Annette at her website "Your Notes" page ( She is available to give motivational talks, inspirational concerts, sing at weddings and other events.

    Check out her other pages at: 
    Fan Page:
    Catholic Speakers Bureau: Read Full Story >>>

    You Are Mine

    Heal the Night

    Heal the Night

    Is there no one to heal the night,
    dark night of the soul,
    to bring to me a... Read Full Story >>>

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