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    Piano-guitar ensemble at the Church of Saint Mary

    A sampling of congregational music at the 11:30 Mass at the Church of Saint Mary in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. See 

    Frazier Riddell asks: Who will save this world?

    Frazier Riddell made a comment today on a song posted here at TCS. He mentions that he is a co-songleader at church, having added guitar to the mix a few years ago (which initially was not heartily embraced by some of the older generation). I thought I'd click on the web site link Riddell gave ( I am pleased with what I see. Check out Frazier's words and music styling.

    Frazier Riddell

    Excerpt from Frazier's CMS Records page: 

    "All is well. God has blessed me tremendously, whether I choose to recognize that in emotions and feelings from day to day or not. I got food. I got shelter. I got a wife and son who love me. I got lots of family who love me. A top 10 song wouldn't hurt my feelings, but even if that never happens, I AM BLESSED NONE THE LESS. I still play music at Church, Nursing Homes, Weddings, Restaurants & Bars. I have folks that love and appreciate...  READ MORE •••

    Greg Walton's "Come to Us" on CCLI Top 2000 list

    This just in from Nick Alexander:

    I just got the CCLI Top 2000 list, and Greg Walton has broken through! His song "Come To Us," an Advent/Christmas song, made it. It's currently in the 1700s, but it's there.

    A lot of "Spirit & Song" Christmas songs made it this go-around.

    So, a hearty congratulations to Greg! You've worked hard all these years.  It's extremely hard to get on this list at all, and he did it!

    See an interview with Greg here at Spirit & Song:

    We'd also like to highlight Ike Ndolo's "Awake O Sleeper" and Matt Maher/Chris Tomlin's "Born That We May Have Life" (Christmas projects).  Also take note of Steve Angrisano's "Go Make a Difference" which is at its highest chart level yet (around 1000). 

    The biggest news is that Matt Maher has now topped himself.  His "Your Grace Is Enough" has been eclipsed by "Lord, I Need You" which is in the Top 10. Note: Words and music for "Lord, I Need You" were written by all of these folks: Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Maher, Christy Nockels and Daniel Carson.

    Need help: Magnificat song (As the Rain Rushes Down)

    We need help finding or creating a recording of a song that was popular in Catholic churches and youth groups back in the early 1970s. I was able to find the words and chords but I have no idea how the melody goes. Would someone like to collaborate on this? If you can scratch out the melody for me, I can record the song for Mary who has been looking for a recording of this song for many years. We don't know the name of the composer.

    Here is what Mary wrote:

    "I have to tell you, finding the right Magnificat is like looking for a needle in a haystack, except that it's a really tiny needle and the haystack is the size of the Empire State Building! The lyrics start with "As the rain rushes down and the earth blossoms forth and the wind caresses every tree".  I haven't heard this but once since 1971. Every music director I've worked with in my diocese looks at me with that look that says "you know you're crazy, right?" My sister has been looking too, unsuccessfully."

    Here are my sources for the song reconstruction below:
    link 1: All-Version-2007-Vol-I-and-II-With-Chords (page 166 of large PDF file)
    link 2: All-Version-2007-Vol-I-and-II-With-Chords (page 166 of large PDF file)
    A page of Marian Songs (third song from the bottom of the web page)

    EDIT 1: I found an audio recording of this Magnificat via the Yahoo search engine!

    EDIT 2: My longtime friend from college, Tom, just called and said he knows this Magnificat well! He used to sing it the CYC in St. Paul, MN, and at his parish in Hopkins, MN. He still has the Hymnal For Young Christians (published by F.E.L.) that this song is in (it's on pp. 141-143 of the piano guitar accompaniment edition of volume 1 of Hymnal For Young Christians).  Tom and I will do a recording of this Magnificat and post it here for download. By the way, the composer is Robert Blue. The song is ©1966-67 F.E.L. Publications, Chicago, Illinois. Tom said the original arrangement is in key of G – 1-1/2 steps higher than the guitar arrangement below. We'll determine which key is most accessible.

    MAGNIFICAT (Luke 1:46-55)

           E           C#m
    As the rain rushes down
            F#m            B7
    And the earth blossoms forth
            E             C#m F#m B7
    And the wind caresses every tree
            E               C#m        
    READ MORE •••

    A sampling of Catholic albums at iTunes

      Name Artist  
    Catholic Latin Classics Richard Proulx & The Cathedral Singers
    The Catholic Music Project Volume II Jon Sarta
    The Rosary - Holy Scriptural Catholic Rosary The Rosary
    Catholic Treasures IV: Classics of Praise and Honor WLP Choir
    Pope Francis: 40 Songs of Prayer Catholic Piano Maestro
    Catholic Communion Classics (Vol. XI) Richard Proulx & The Cathedral Singers
    Catholic Christmas Classics, Vol. 8 Richard Proulx & The Cathedral Singers
    The Catholic Music Project Volume 3: Traditional Songs Jon Sarta
    Table of Plenty - Favorite Catholic Songs John Michael Talbot

    SCRC Traveler's Playlist

    Going to the SCRC Convention?

    Every year the Southern California Renewal Communities hosts a major conference intended for the upbuilding of the faithful. 

    The theme for this year's conference, August 29-31, 2014, is You Are the Light of the World.

    One great way to help renew our minds is by listening to songs that continually call upon God to change us, transform us, and mold us into His image. Several of the songs in the iTunes Widget sampler at right were written and recorded by members of Top Catholic Songs and Catholic Music Ministries. 

    Happy Travels! READ MORE •••

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