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    Precious Lord

    4:45 minutes (5.43 MB).

    Psalm 93: The Lord Is King; He Is Robed in Majesty (Guimont)

    Psalm 93: The Lord Is King; He Is Robed in Majesty. Responsorial Psalm for Feast of Christ the King, Cycle B. Music by Michel Guimont. Text for verses: The Revised Grail Songs, (c) 2010, Conception Abbey and The Grail, admin. by GIA Publications, Inc.; Refrain, Lectionary for Mass, (c) ICEL

    Christ the King - B

    R. The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty.

    The LORD is king, with majesty enrobed.
         The LORD has robed himself with might;
         he has girded himself with power.

    The world you made firm, not to be moved;
         your throne has stood firm from of old.
         From all eternity, O LORD, you are.

    Truly your decrees are to be trusted.
         Holiness is fitting to your house,
         O LORD, until the end of time.

    The English translation of the Psalm Response from Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

    The Revised Grail Psalms Copyright © 2010, Conception Abbey/The Grail, admin. by GIA Publications, Inc., All rights reserved.

    The Revised Grail Psalms were confirmed by decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on March 19, 2010 (Prot. N. 172/09/L).

    Psalm 122: Let Us Go Rejoicing to the House of the Lord (Guimont)

    Practicing Psalm 122 for Feast of Christ the King. This responsorial psalm is for Cycle C in the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar. It is the revised 2010 setting by Michel Guimont. Words from the Grail (c) Conception Abbey and GIA Publications.

    PDF Download: Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954)

    A free download from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed.

    Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954) – 154 pages

    TODAY, FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can download a rare 1954 hymnal by Fr. John Selner. In the past, I’ve mentioned that some of the old Catholic hymnals were pretty awful, but this one is splendid. Since part of my involvement with a special hymn project requires searching through rare hymn books, I decided to share this one with you...

    Top 40 Countdown at Adoration Radio

    Adoration Radio (with host Mary Graham) has expanded its Catholic Music Countdown to include 40 songs (as voted upon by listeners).

    The first half of the "Top 40" Podcast can be heard here: Catholic Music Top 40 countdown – part 1
    The second half of the "Top 40" Podcast can be heard here: Catholic Music Top 40 countdown – part 2

    Vote for your favorite Catholic songs here (scroll down home page): 
     your own songs for consideration here:

    Below are the 51 songs for your consideration in the current Adoration Radio Countdown. When you go to, you will see a voting checkbox above each song. Select as many songs as you like and then click the vote button at the bottom. You will help determine the number one song!

    Best Thing by Adam and I
    Christ is Passing By by Annie Carto
    Hands Up by Fusion
    Our Lord Reigns by George Gonzalez
    He is a Daddy by Marie Bellet
    Garden Wall by Michael Corsini

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    Psalm 146: Praise the Lord, My Soul

    Psalm 146: Praise the Lord, My Soul. 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B. Music by Michel Guimont. Text from the Grail (Conception Abbey/GIA).

    Praise the Lord, my soul! Praise the Lord!

    Verse 1
    It is the Lord who preserves fidelity forever,
    Who does justice to those who are...  Read Full Story >>>

    Tori Harris "Face to Face" Official Music Video Feat. Brian Campbell

    Wonderful! Discover Tori Harris at

    Newest TCS registered users

    Welcome to our newest registered users at Please help them find what they are looking for. You may enter a comment here if you have suggestions or leads for any of the needs expressed by TCS members. Take a look through the complete registered users list here: List of TCS users

    User Reason for becoming a registered user Joined
    Powest6 Teacher 11/2015
    492919 I want to sing songs in my morning prayers 11/2015
    benedictaluvsall Am a choir mistress in ma parish And am joining to become more enlightened in catholic songs. 11/2015
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    lani_ratabacaca I am a member of the liturgy committee in my Parish. 11/2015
    Martha Nassali   10/2015
    Lulu Serrano-Kirit   10/2015

    I direct a choir at St. Michael's Parish in Sioux Falls, SD, and am always looking for new music.

    Tina Chassé

    I help lead the congregation at St Patrick's of the Island in the diocese of Valleyfield in Quebec. Because we play the children's mass, we need to keep current with what is out there yet blend in traditional music to broaden our musical reach. I find the Advent and the Lenten seasons more of a challenge to find appropriate music without boring the children. This is where we need a bit of help.


    Need info regarding obtaining keyboard accompaniment for John Michael Talbot hymns, etc. Thanks.

    Kiggundu Xhosa 10/2015

    I am a parish priest


    I am the music Director at St. Paul's Church in NL Canada and would love to listen to the suggestions here

    Child of Eternal Love by Richard Schletty

    4:12 minutes (9.99 MB).

    A Colorful ChristmasChild of Eternal Love will be released on a wonderfully diverse Christmas album by Fetal Records called "A Colorful Christmas" in late October, 2015. Watch here for links to iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon Music and Spotify. You may preview the song from this page.

    Digital download of the album is available now, direct from Fetal Records.

    A Colorful Christmas is a collection of Christmas songs, original and covers, in multiple genres by a diverse group of passionate and inspiring artists with different backgrounds. Featuring Internationally known bluesman Charlie Sayles, Tony Fazio, Scott Taylor, Richard Schletty, Greg Phillips, Subsidiarity, Law & Order, Ken Wenzel, and Jane Kraemer. “If you build it, they will come.” And so they came and came in force. Twelve originals and six traditional covers.

    If you would like the sheet music for song, write to me. I'd love to have someone perform it.

    Lead guitar: Alberto Ayuso Domingo. Rhythm guitar: David Gomez Sanz. Piano: André van Haren. Vocals: Richard Schletty.

    Child of Eternal Love

    [verse 1]
    God, in glory, brings a star so bright.
    A Son is born in a bed of barley hay.
    Behold the Savior, our New Light,
    Child of Eternal Love, Shepherd of the way.

    [verse 2]
    Mary, full of grace, will know the sorrow and the joy
    of bringing forth the One Whom the prophets long foretold.
    Joseph, by her side, will help raise up the Boy,
    Child of Eternal Love, Flower to unfold.

    Praise the Father of all creation
    Praise the Son who conquers death
    Praise the Spirit with jubilation
    Grow God's love with every breath


    [verse 3]
    In the dark of night, in the winter chill,
    We lift our prayers to the Trinity above.
    Oh come, new Tree of Life, our hope fulfilled:
    A Child of Promise of Eternal Love.


    Copyright © 2008 Richard Schletty

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