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    My Debut Album - I Call Your Name

    Hi! My name is Joanne Wallace, a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK.

    After years away from the church, I have re-discovered my faith and my love of church music. 

    I was always involved in the music ministry at my church growing up and to be honest, thought that part of my life experience was over. Then I had my children and found that through them, all those memories came flooding back. The door was opened once again and once I went through it, all of this music starting to come to me.

    "I Call Your Name" has been an unexpected gift to me - if you asked me only 3 years ago,  I would never have imagined I would have rediscovered church and songwriting after all this time and to have released an album of my own original worship music! I write my songs on guitar and piano (although I am really a master of neither!) but my sound does have some gospel influence in the backing vocals.

    I now lead the music ministry at our local church and sing new compositions there when it fits with the liturgy. As well as worship songs, I have written more 'traditional' sounding hymns and Mass settings too.  We sing my 'Gloria' every week!  I have had a lot of positive feedback, which is great to hear.

    Please listen to my audio samples at www.joannewallace.co.uk.

    CDs can be ordered via my website or you can download at www.amazon.com (search Digital Music- Joanne Wallace) and www.cdbaby.com.

    I hope you enjoy what you hear.  I look forward to sharing my music and networking with other writers!

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    Kyrie Eleison

    1:32 minutes (2.12 MB).

    Kyrie Eleison

    This Poor Man at Christmas

    2:08 minutes (2.94 MB).

    This probably is not the best fit for the situation but it's still a rallying cry: please don't forget the Syrian and other refugee Children as the weather gets progressively colder wherever they are. Thank you :-)

    Christ Our Lord, Glorified!

    1:58 minutes (2.71 MB).

    Christ Our Lord, Glorified!

    Sleep, Baby, Sleep - orchestral version

    Cover (front)

    3:09 minutes (7.23 MB).

    A collaboration with my brother Chris who dreamt this song and with Andre van Haren who did the orchestral arrangement. Sheet music from simple to orchestral arrangements is available upon request. This song will be on a Christmas album by Fetal Records in late 2015. I also have this song available with Spanish lyrics. 

    Sleep, Baby, Sleep

    [verse 1]
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    on this magic night. 
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    while Mother holds you tight. 
    Little baby, so so small, 
    lying in that humble stall. 
    So sleep, Baby, sleep 
    while angels watch they keep.

    [verse 2]
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    while angels hum a tune. 
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    beneath the golden moon. 
    Kings and shepherds see the star 
    and come to visit from afar. 
    So sleep, Baby, sleep 
    while angels watch they keep.

    Born in the fullness of time, 
    Spirit and matter combine. 
    Praise to the King of all kings, 
    The Son of the God of all things. 
    Here in this portal, 
    new life immortal. 
    In a manger with sheep 
    in soft wool you sleep.

    [verse 3]
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    beneath the starry sky. 
    Sleep, Baby, sleep 
    to Mary's lullaby. 
    You have come to save us all, 
    little Jesus, so so small. 
    Sleep, Baby, sleep.
    Sleep, Baby, sleep.

    © 2004 Christopher Schletty, Richard Schletty


    Child of Eternal Love by Richard Schletty


    4:12 minutes (9.63 MB).

    If you would like the sheet music for this, write to me. I'd love to have someone perform it. 

    Child of Eternal Love

    [verse 1]
    God, in glory, brings a star so bright.
    A Son is born in a bed of barley hay.
    Behold the Savior, our New Light,
    Child of Eternal Love, Shepherd of the way.

    [verse 2]
    Mary, full of grace, will know the sorrow and the joy
    of bringing forth the One Whom the prophets long foretold.
    Joseph, by her side, will help raise up the Boy,
    Child of Eternal Love, Flower to unfold.

    Praise the Father of all creation
    Praise the Son who conquers death
    Praise the Spirit with jubilation
    Grow God's love with every breath


    [verse 3]
    In the dark of night, in the winter chill,
    We lift our prayers to the Trinity above.
    Oh come, new Tree of Life, our hope fulfilled:
    A Child of Promise of Eternal Love.


    Copyright © 2008 Richard Schletty

    On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai

    A song by my good Christian friend, Jack Miller (aka Dadai). - Richard Schletty

    On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai. More songs by Jack here: www.icompositions.com/artists/Dadai

    On Bended Knee by Jack Miller Read Full Story >>>

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    Story Behind The Song: Thank You, Jesus

    Bob Filoramo has written an exceptional song for Thanksgiving called "Thank You, Jesus," one which the lyrics really speak for themselves. [scroll down to hear song in the iTunes iMix layer]. 

    ETA: Bob writes: "Thank You Jesus was written for my brother's wedding. My brother had been through some very difficult times and as I considered how God had rescued him, what he had come through and where he was that day, I could think of nothing else to say but "Thank You Jesus"; hence the refrain: What can we say but thank you Jesus?

    We often try real hard to praise God eloquently with lots of words and that's great, but sometimes it hits me that all I need to say is Thank You Jesus for all that you've done for me. That's basically the origin and spirit of the song.


    Thank You, Jesus

    We are in awe as we behold what You have done.
    We stand amazed as we see Your plan unfold.
    What can we say, what can we do
    To express our gratitude
    for revealing Your great power in our lives?

    What can we say but "Thank You, Jesus!"
    for all that You have done for us? ... 
    Read Full Story >>>

    Maria's melody for The Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down)

    1:12 minutes (1.1 MB).

    Here is Maria's version of The Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down). It is the melody that was taught to her by her mother. Compare to Robert Blue version from his 1967 album Run, Come, See. More info about the search for this song is here: http://www.topcatholicsongs.com/magnificat-as-the-rain-rushes-down#comment-6947

    Has anyone else ever heard this version of the song? Please sign in and comment. Thank you.

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