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Contemporary Catholic music is streamed here courtesy of Catholic Music Express. More info here. 

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    We Three Wise Men From The East

    2:03 minutes (2.82 MB)

    'We Three Wise Men From The East', early (Christmas is about 6 months away :)).

    Free Pentecost hymn with polyphony by Victoria, with practice video and audio files

    I received this email message from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed (www.ccwatershed.org) – R. Schletty

    Stunning Hymn With 3-Voice Polypony You Will Want To Sing For Pentecost
    published 11 May 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski

    OVER THE YEARS, I have learned it's better to do something simple really well than to attempt something hard, only to crash & burn. Pope Pius XII said something similar in 1958: “In general it is better to do something well on a small scale than to attempt something elaborate without sufficient resources to do it properly.”

    Here's a piece you might want to do for Pentecost:

    PDF Dowload • HYMN FOR PENTECOST (with Polyphony by T. L. de Victoria)

    To accompany the hymn sections, organists can use this.

    Go here to download score and individual voice practice audio files: Pentecost Hymn with 3-Voice Polyphony (Victoria)

    Read Full Story >>>

    Free download of 49 Catholic hymnals

    Links to 49 old Catholic hymnals, listed at Corpus Christi Watershed:

    Please visit the Corpus Christi Watershed web site for updatesThe following list will continue to grow & be updated. Most of these are Catholic hymnals; some are Anglican ones. Many were scanned and made available by Corpus Christi Watershed, others by Google.

    Also see an article by Nick Alexander highlighting these 49 free hymnals. Nick talks about the three essentials when it comes to finding great new worship songs: Great Lyrics, Singable Melody, and Proper Tone.

    1842 • ENGLISH HYMNS in METER (A. D. Wackerbarth) —74pg 
    1848 • HYMNS OF THE HEART (Matthew Bridges) —97pg 
    1907 • SUNDAY SCHOOL HYMN BOOK (Sisters of Notre Dame) —187pg
    1918 • ST. BASIL HYMNAL (“completely remodelled”) —350pg   {Revised Version} 
    1920 • CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Fr. John G. Hacker) —348pg 
    1920 • SAINT GREGORY HYMNAL (Nicola A. Montani) —512pg ... Read Full Story >>>

    “Veni Sancte Spiritus” • Sing It Directly From An Ancient Manuscript!

    An email message I received from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed – RS
    Enjoy the video that has the ancient manuscript and playing the organ accompaniment found there. Consider singing this amazing piece with your choir next week, Pentecost Sunday.

    You're the One

    3:36 minutes (4.95 MB)

    You're the One

    You are mine and I am yours
    I love you. You love me

    A song outpoured when love was young
    Your inmost beauty on my tongue
    You and I, we breathe as one
    Whispered prayers for dreams to come

    You're the one! You're my wife
    You're the one! You bring life
    This I pray every...  Read Full Story >>>

    Kyrie Eleison! by Wede O.

    1:10 minutes (1.61 MB)

    Kyrie Eleison! Read Full Story >>>

    Kyrie II by Wede O.

    1:25 minutes (1.95 MB)

    Kyrie, biko, Osalobula. Amen. Read Full Story >>>

    Halleluia (multiple) by Wede O.

    0:46 minutes (1.05 MB)

    Why have just one straight-forward beginning to end Halleluia when you can have multiple, eh? Read Full Story >>>

    Kyrie I by Wede O.

    1:47 minutes (2.46 MB)

    A Kyrie, for God, simple. An updated PDF has been attached.

    To God, Glory; to man, none.

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