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    New Catholic Rock Musician - who is also a priest!

    New Catholic musician...well, actually, not-so-new, but new to this site, with a new CD out! Looking for folk-rock-acoustic-pop-indie Catholic music?...check it out at or to listen or download for free! READ FULL STORY •••

    Psalm 27: Praise the Lord Who Heals the Brokenhearted (Guimont)

    Psalm 27: Praise the Lord Who Heals the Brokenhearted  READ FULL STORY •••

    New music to enhance your Lent and Holy Week worship - from GIA

    GIA has new music to enhance your Lent and Holy Week worship. I received this notice because I am on GIA's mailing list. Click here to view new music offerings:

    New music for Lent includes:

    Mass of MercyMass of Mercy by Lori True; Arranger: Paul Tate (A reflective mass setting that sets a quiet and reverent tone for Lenten worship. Acclamations based on the hymn tunes Attende Domine, PICARDY and Mode III of Plainchant). View preview (PDF file)

    Come Back to the Lord by Leo Nestor.

    Create in Me by Tony Alonso; Arranger: Chris de Silva

    Entrance Antiphons for Lent by Normand Gouin

    Remember Your Mercies, Lord by M. Roger Holland II

    Also see GIA's Quarterly Planning guide: Ash Wednesday – Pentecost February 18, 2015 to May 24, 2015:

    Subsidiarity: songs for the Birth of Christ and for Mary, the Mother of God

    Fetal Records began in 1980 to publish Baltimore music associated with the DC punk hardcore scene. Bands like Law & Order and Bollocks played with with the likes of Black Flag, Dead Kennedies, Government issue, Minor Threat and Teen Idles. Vinyl included the DC area compilation Fetal Records 5. Subsequent evolved bands include Braver Noise and Paddywack in the 1990s. Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio is a Fetal Records project of various music styles including a blues/rock/punk fusion with the influence of blues guitarist and Berklee School of Music graduate Tony Fazio, members from former bands listed above, and other local musicians. Several new albums and musicians are anticipated in the near future. This includes the long anticipated Charlie Sayles album of Blues fame. 

    Also see Subsidiarity and Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio Singles at CDBaby.

    Here are three songs that were sent to Top Catholic songs by band member Azar (a physician who says he is a latecomer to songwriting. He used to drum for punk bands). See lyrics for the three songs below at full posting.

    Icon: A Christian acoustic folk spiritual with Blues and Classic influences

    All This Happened On Christmas Day

    Snowy Christmas: A bluesy Christmas song featuring Tony Fazio on guitar and Greg Phillips on drums and vocals

    See lyrics for these three songs at full posting. READ FULL STORY •••

    Blues legend Charlie Sayles joins the Subsidiarity Project

    More news from the Subsidiarity Project

    Azar wrote: "We have two new releases. We are trying to revive the career of Charlie Sayles of Blues fame. He is 67. Charlie has a polished and experienced voice." See this YouTube: – it's a segment from a 2011 documentary called Times Like Deese. More at

    Sad and Blue

    This song was written in the spirit of the sanctifying grace that sorrow can offer. It will be featured on Charlie's next album. See lyrics under full story

    The Call

    This song's lyrics are from The Song of Solomon. Although this is a love song, it speaks more deeply about the delight God sees and will see in the faces of those who respond to His love, namely the Church. See lyrics under full story.   READ FULL STORY •••

    Keep "Christ" and the "Mass" in "Christmas!"


    Watch this week's special "All Things Are Possible" Christmas program tonight! John Michael will be teaching how to put "Christ" and the "Mass" back into "Christmas" so you can have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ!

    "All Things Are Possible"  December 24, 2014

    9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT and 6pm PT on THE CHURCH CHANNEL

    Broadcasts repeat late night Saturdays and early Tuesday mornings.  For complete information please click HERE.

    Dear friends,

    Peace and good in Christ!

    You are no doubt being overwhelmed with cards, appeals, and the typical hustle and bustle of Christmas, so I will keep this short.

    After the rush, take some time for yourself and your family to simply focus on the essence of Christmas this year. It is simple: 

    Keep "Christ," and the "Mass" in "Christmas!"

    "Christ" means "anointed," like the oil that flowed down Aaron's beard, or oil that is rubbed deeply and repeatedly. The oil is  READ FULL STORY •••

    Humility by Nancy Krebs

    Songs From The HeartNancy Krebs' song "Humility" is doing well on the charts this week.  Check out this song and the rest of her music at iTunes.

    Nancy Krebs is a Christian singer-songwriter specializing in original acoustic meditational music. The feel is quiet, but the thoughts behind the songs create a powerful emotional reaction! Nancy Krebs started singing at age 3, and hasn't stopped yet! When she was 12, she began playing the violin. That soon led to the guitar and eventually the mandolin. In high school, Nancy began to write songs for Folk Masses and other church services. Ignoring a strong calling to compose full time, she actively pursued a career in theatre, film, radio and TV.

    Nancy has performed with professional regional theatres such as Center Stage, Alaska Repertory Theatre and Meadowbrook Theatre. She was a member of the Emmy award winning TV series for PBS called Once Upon a Town.

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