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Lord for the Poor (a Hymn) 14th September 2016 - Staff and Sol-fa

Lord for the Poor (a Hymn) 14th September 2016 - Staff and Sol-fa

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Come to the Water (John Foley)

Come to the Water. Tune: John B. Foley, SJ. Text: Isaiah 55:1, 2, Matthew 11:28-30. (c) 1978, John B. Foley, SJ, and New Dawn Music.

Oh let all who thirst 
Let them come to the water 
And let all who have nothing 
Let them come to the Lord 
Without money without...  Read Full Story >>>

Our humble hands have worked the land - A Hymn

Our humble hands have worked the land - A Hymn

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Contemporary Motets for SAB

From Jeff and Cynthia Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

Kevin Allen has released a fantastic choral collection choirs everywhere will welcome. Click here to download a sample page. This collection is for SAB: Soprano, Alto, Bass. It is 42 pages long. It was published in 2016. The composer is Kevin Allen, highly regarded as a composer of opera, chamber, and orchestral music. He has developed a unique...  Read Full Story >>>

O God, Our Help In Ages Past (Watts, Croft)

O God, Our Help in Ages Past by Isaac Watts, 1674-1748. Presented at Church of St. Mary, downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Rich and Larry leading.

1. O God, our Help in ages past,
Our Hope for years to come,
Our Shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal Home!

2. Under the shadow of Your throne
Your saints have dwelt secure;
Sufficient is Your...  Read Full Story >>>

Irmãos de coração band (Brothers of Heart)

The Ministry of Brothers of Heart in Peace and Sound. Anderson wrote: "I'm a Catholic musician since 1999. Nowadays I'm playing electric guitar in a band named 'Irmãos de corração'."

Psalm 90: In Every Age, O God (Whitaker)

Psalm 90: In Every Age, O God, You Have Been Our Refuge. © Janet Sullivan Whitaker 1988, 1999. Presented by Richard and Larry at St. Mary's Church in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, on 9/4/2016.

In ev’ry age, O God, you have been our refuge.
In ev’ry age, O God, you have been our hope.

Verse 1
Long before the mountains came to be
and the land and sea and stars of the night,
through the endless seasons of...  Read Full Story >>>

Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen)

Eye Has Not Seen presented by Richard and Larry at St. Mary's Church 9/4/2016. Composed by Marty Haugen.

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard 
what God has ready for those who love him; 
Spirit of love, come, give us the mind of Jesus, 
teach us the wisdom of God

When pain and sorrow weigh us down...  Read Full Story >>>

Here I Am, Lord (Schutte)

Here I Am, Lord. Composed by Dan Schutte. © 1981, OCP Publications. Sung by Richard at St. Matthew's Church on 9/2/2016. Sr. Anne Becker at keyboard.

1. I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin
My hand will save.

Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, if you...  Read Full Story >>>

Music theory lessons by André van Haren

Music theory tutorials by André van Haren, starting with the basics. 

Note that the YouTube video here is a playlist. Click on "hamburger" icon in upper left corner of YouTube video to select lessons, or let them auto-play. I will be adding lessons to this playlist in the days and weeks to come. Follow along!

Visit Andre's music site at

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