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    Through Your Rosary (Dear Mother, Virgin Mary)

    Partial demo of a song I am working on with Dan Vi Nguyen. Feel free to make suggestions for improvement. 

    Details of project here:

    Full audio demo:

    Through Your Rosary

    VERSE 1
        C      Fmaj7         C   G
    You made a promise to us all:
         Am     Em      F   G
    That heaven we'll attain
    C     Am7      Em     Am7
    If we say... 

    Psalm 67: O God, Let All the Nations Praise You (6th Sunday of Easter C)

    Psalm 67: O God, Let All the Nations Praise You for 6th Sunday of Easter, cycle C

    Link for sheet music download is below.

    R. O God, let all the nations praise you!

    1. O God, be gracious and bless us
    and let your face shine its light upon us.
    So may your ways be known upon...  Read Full Story >>>

    Sheet Music and News from Virtual Sheet Music (April 2016)

    From Fabrizio Ferrari who is CEO, violinist and music composer at Virtual Sheet Music. – Richard Schletty

    I am sending you this letter to inform you of our latest additions and news (as you requested). Today we are also featuring our first music commentary, with deep musical insights, from our senior editor Jennifer Vose.

    Important: Many of our users have not discovered our entire catalog yet, so here is the link:


    Get Ready Now for Mother's Day

    Don't delay to prepare the perfect music for Mother's Day. VSM has music just right to celebrate Mom on May 8th and beyond:

    And if you scroll down the page at the above link, you'll find all versions of the famous Brahms' Lullaby, for a one-of-a-kind, musical Mother's Day gift. For all lullabies, and other tunes sure to touch Mom's heart, just click the link below...  Read Full Story >>>

    Open My Eyes (Jesse Manibusan)

    Open My Eyes, written by Jesse Manibusan, was presented by Richard Schletty (voice) and Larry Strom (piano) at the Church of Saint Mary in St. Paul, MN. Join us for worship at 4:30 pm on Saturday or at 7, 10 or 11:30 am on Sunday.

    1. Open my eyes, Lord. Help me to see your face. 
    Open my eyes, Lord. Help me to see. 

    2. Open my ears, Lord. Help me to...  Read Full Story >>>

    Father Son and Holy Spirit

    3:30 minutes (8.02 MB).

    Virtual Sheet Music - new titles by André van Haren

    New Exclusive Transcriptions and Arrangements in High Quality Sheet Music by Virtual Sheet Music® 

    These are exclusive high quality, downloadable and printable digital sheet music titles by Virtual Sheet Music offered in PDF file format complete of audio MIDI and Mp3 files. Most of these items also include Mp3 accompaniment files to play along with your computer or Mp3 audio player. These arangements are exclusive, and cannot be found anywhere else!

    Moments for string quartet "Moments" for string quartet, by Andre Van Haren

    Moments for violin and piano "Moments" for violin and piano, by Andre Van Haren

    Moments for piano solo "Moments" for piano solo, by Andre Van Haren


    Many of our users have not discovered our entire catalog yet, so here is the link: Read Full Story >>>

    I Have Loved You (Joncas)

    I Have Loved You, a song we sing in church. It is in the Gather and RitualSong songbooks (published by GIA Publications) which we use at St. Mary's and St. Matthew's. Baritone soloist: Richard Schletty. Piano: Larry Strom

    I have loved you with an everlasting love,
    I have called you and you are mine;
    I have loved you with an everlasting love,
    I have called you and you are mine.

    Seek the face of the Lord and long for him:
    he will bring you...  Read Full Story >>>

    Engraving guides for Sibelius 6 and 7.5 available on Amazon

    Hi all! I am a big fan of the music notation software Sibelius and created 4 tutorials that are available on Amazon. All these guides are downloadable, and are Print Replicas Kindle Editions, which sounds very impressive, but simply means that they are printable PDF files! The information is explained in easy to follow steps and I included lots of helpful screenshots.

    If you have any questions about these guides or if you need some help with a score that you are working on right now, feel free to contact me at

    happy music making and best wishes,

    Psalm 67: O God, Let All The Nations Praise You (Kraemer), 6th Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

    Jane KraemerPsalm 67: O God, Let All The Nations Praise You
    for Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

    This is Jane’s submission for The Psalm Project by Nic Gutierrez.

    Music: © 2016 Matilda Jane Kraemer –
    Text: Revised Grail Psalms, © 2010 Conception Abbey/The Grail, admin. by GIA Publications, Inc. –

    Baritone soloist: Richard Schletty –
    Engraving (Sibelius): André van Haren –

    Sheet music for this psalm is available upon request. Contact site admin Richard Schletty.

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