Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The apparitions of Mary to Juan Diego at Guadalupe, Mexico, is one of the most endearing, but powerful anecdotes that demonstrate God's tangible love for us. Today is the feast day of Our Lady at Guadalupe. To celebrate, I have highlighted two noteworthy recordings:

Mark Mallett created an exceptional listening experience, a rosary album based on the events at Guadalupe. It is called Through her Eyes: A Journey to Jesus. The album is groundbreaking, refreshing, contemporary and traditional, spoken word and musical. It contains:

  • All four Mysteries, including the new Luminous Mysteries
  • Scriptural meditations with deeply moving, original music scores beneath each decade that help you to profoundly experience the life, passion and resurrection of our Lord (Hail Mary's spoken by Fr. Ray Guimond and Mark Mallett)
  • Contemporary & energizing versions of the "Apostle's Creed", "Our Father", "Glory Be's" and "Hail Holy Queen" all written & produced by Mark Mallett
  • Four original songs Mark has written to honor Mary (including the concert favourite "Family Beads")
  • Dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of all America, it has Mary's words to St. Juan Diego at the end of each Mystery (spoken by Christine Foisy-Erickson of MiCasa Ministries)
  • 154 minutes in length--more than 3 times the length of a regular album!

Also worth noting: Annie Karto, has performed "Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe", which uses the familiar melody from "Pescadore De Hombres/Lord, You Have Come to the Seashore." It is off her album, "Overshadow Me."

Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Words Anonymous
You are the fountain of my life
Under your shadow, and in your protection,
I fear no evil, no pain, no worry...

Maria, oh most merciful Mother
Gentle Virgin, with the name, Guadalupe
On a mountain, we find roses in winter,
All the world, has been touched by your love.

Here, in the crossing of your arms
Could there be anything, else that I need?
Nothing discourages, nothing depress me.

You, are the Star of the Ocean
My boat is small, and the waves are so high
But with you to guide me, I'll reach my homeland.

You, are the Dawn of a New Day
For you give birth to the Son of the Father
All of my lifetime, I'll walk beside you...

Copyright (c) 1979 OCP Publications


I just found out that

I just found out that Crispin also has a nice song called "Guadalupe". It's on iTunes :) Enjoy!

Thank you so much for these,

Thank you so much for these, they are beautiful.

I can still hear in my heart

I can still hear in my heart the songs of the May processions from my parish in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn - St. Mark's (circa mid-50s). Just the memory of the fragrant carnation bouquets, each with it's colored ribbons to match our pastel Easter dresses or gowns. The garland of flowers headpiece with those same matching ribbons and silvery glitter. The line up - we looked lovely. We really did - two by two we marched: the pinks, yellows, blues, and in later years - mints and lavenders. The newest communicants in white and the boys in blue suits , as well. There was even a very special young man. I remember him being my neighbor and he was all decked out almost like a matador in a feathered hat and puffed up shirt. VERY GRAND. They were all wearing a lapel pin that was part of our Communion kit. The Church so fragrant with flowers, dark and dazzling with candles and incense. The extraordinary music: Oh Mary we crown thee with bloosoms today- Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May. It's a 50 year old memory... but rings true still with tears of heart wrenching love and devotion to ALL OF IT.

Thank you for the share, kind

Thank you for the share, kind of like what you have been doing here, I am more than happy being here..... thank you..

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Thank you for the share, kind

Thank you for the share, kind of like what you have been doing here, I am more than happy being here..... thank you..

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