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Joyous Light by The Project

Joyous light of the holy glory Of the Immortal Father Heavenly and wholly blessed, Jesus Christ. Having come to the setting of the sun We see the evening light We praise the Father and the Son And the Holy Spirit of God. And the Holy Spirit of God. It is right that you be praised At all times with holy sounds Son of God, the giver of life Therefore the world glorifies you. Therefore the world glorifies you.


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Choir trainer/conductor needs choral arrangements for liturgical services

Onidrol wrote:

"I am a trainer/conductor of the San Isidro Parish Choir of Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. I need choral arrangements for liturgical services."

Can you help Onidrol? Please make comments below. Thank you for your participation.

I can start out by recommending you visit the web site of composer Paul F. Page. He has a number of scores of sacred/liturgical choral works that can be freely downloaded.

Tell Paul I sent you!

Be The Difference by Paul Harrigan

"Be The Difference" is an awesome song. Great singing, lyrics and production. – Richard

Easter sheet music at Virtual Sheet Music

From my friend Fabrizio.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016
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Get Ready for Easter!

New sheet music has been added to the Virtual Sheet Music site.

Many of our users have not discovered our entire catalog yet, so here is the link:


Easter Day this year is earlier than usual (March 27th), and we have special Easter Collections for you!

Check them out below:

Here are the most popular collections:

Easter Collection for piano, voice or other instruments
complete of chords, lyrics and guitar lead sheets

Easter Collection for violin and piano
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Pour Heaven on Me, Movement 2 of Hungry for Heaven

Pour Heaven on Me
Movement 2: Hungry for Heaven opus

Pour heaven on me. Pour heaven on me.
Keep me safe from evil.
Put fire in my bones.
Help me play the part
Make me burn with...  Read Full Story >>>


This is the 3rd Vol of my Album - Blood of Jesus Christ. This song is sung by renowned Indian Singer Alphons Joseph.

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New Christian Children's CD

Dear Friends,

Recently, I released a new Christian Children’s CD called “Jesus, I Love You.”

The purpose of this CD is to help little ones learn about the Lord and to teach them songs that will praise Him. It is my small way of helping to evangelize the next generation. The CD includes 6 songs I wrote and 6 instrumentals of the songs so that children can sing along to the songs in a concert or presentation as a class or children’s choir. The lyrics can be downloaded from my website.

Visit the following CDBaby link to hear the song sample of all of the songs.

Or visit my website at for song samples and to download lyrics.

Thank you!

Love in Christ,


Hosea (Long have I waited for your coming) by Gregory Norbet

Hosea by Gregory Norbet, OSB (Weston Priory) ©1972, 1980.

Come back to me with all your heart, 
don't let fear keep us apart. 
Trees do bend, tho' straight and tall; 
so must we to others' call. 

Long have I waited for your coming 
home to me and living deeply our new life. 

The wilderness will...  Read Full Story >>>

Ashes (We Rise Again From Ashes) by Tom Conry

Ashes by Tom Conry. © 1978 OCP Publications. Sung by Richard Schletty. Piano: Sr. Anne Becker, SSND.

1. We rise again from ashes, 
from the good we’ve failed to do.
We rise again from... Read Full Story >>>

The Most Beautiful Hymn You've Never Heard

From Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

OUR CATHOLIC HYMNS are already beautiful enough to begin with; but great masters like Marenzio, Victoria, Guerrero, and Palestrina took things to another level.

Listen to how Guerrero transforms this famous hymn:

Pop Quiz • Most Beautiful Hymn You’ve Never Heard

Do you see how he makes it into a Canon in the final section? Isn't that incredible?

My guess is that you've never heard this piece in church before—but it can be sung at any Mass, no matter what the liturgical season!

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