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With the Lord There Is Mercy

The Summons

1:18 minutes (2.97 MB).

The Summons by John Bell

More information: http://www.spiritandsong.com/compositions/30338

1. Will you come and follow me
If I but call your name?
Will you go where you don’t know
And never be the same?
Will you let my...  Read Full Story >>>

Lamb of God - Alonso - Mass of Joy and Peace

0:58 minutes (2.21 MB).

The Lamb of God from Mass of Joy and Peace by Tony Alonso. Sung at the Church of St. Matthew on May 3, 2015. Sr. Anne at piano. 

We Have Been Told by David Haas

3:40 minutes (8.39 MB).

A difficult song for me to sing as I am a baritone-bass and it was quite early on a Sunday morning. Yet, I offer this as a guide for you to learn the song. When I play it with guitar, I transpose it down one or two steps. This was recorded with a Zoom H2 digital recorder on May 3, 2015, at the Church of Saint Matthew in St. Paul, MN. Sr. Anne Becker at piano. Please pray for the strength and endurance of this parish.

We Have Been Told

We have been told.
We've seen his face
and heard his voice alive in our hearts.
Live in my love with all your heart.
As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.

1. I am the vine; you are...  Read Full Story >>>

GIA Hymnals app now available on Android

I received this email blast today from GIA. GIA just released the Hymnals app for Android. The iPad app had been previously available. Not available for iPhone. The per-hymnal cost is much more for keyboard and guitar editions than for pew editions. You only get 3 songs free when you download the "free" app. Nice idea but can be quite expensive if your church works from 2 or more hymnals. The digital editions should be half the cost of the print editions, in my opinion. I am sad that GIA does not have RitualSong available –that is our primary hymnal at the Church of Saint Mary in Saint Paul, MN. – RS 

GIA's popular Hymnals app is now available on Android devices

Get it on Google Play    Available on the App Store (Apple iOS)

Hymnals is a remarkable app that brings all the elements of your favorite hymnal—and more—right to your Android device. The app is free—through it you can in–app purchase the hymnals you need.

Through the app, you have access to the best-selling Roman Catholic hymnals from GIA Publications, Inc.

– Gather Third Edition (Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, C Instrument, and B-flat Instrument)
– Worship Fourth Edition (Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, C Instrument, and B-flat Instrument)
– Gather Comprehensive Second Edition (Pew and Choir)
– Lead Me Guide Me (Pew and Keyboard)
– Oramos Cantando (Pew and Guitar)
– Guimont Lectionary Psalms

Also available is Faith Alive Christian Resources' - Psalms for All Seasons

Hymnals offers the complete contents of your hymnal in a compact, lightweight form–no more dragging around multiple hymnals and service binders! The app is perfect for...  Read Full Story >>>

When We Are Living/Pues Si Vivimos

3:37 minutes (8.29 MB).

When we are living, we are in Christ Jesus.
And when we die, we remain in Him.
Both in our living and in our dying
We are the Lord's. We belong to Him.

Pues si vivimos para Él vivimos 
Y si morimos para Él morimos.
Sea que vivamos o que muramos,
Somos del Señor, somos del Señor.

Text: Traditional Mexican, Trans. Deborah Schmitz
Music: Traditional Mexican, Arr. Marty Haugen
Trans. Copyright © 1994, Arr. © 1995 © by GIA Publications, Inc.

Psalm 22: I Will Praise You, Lord - Guimont (pre 2010)

2:54 minutes (6.65 MB).

Psalm 22 - I Will Praise You, Lord - Guimont (pre 2010)

The Master Musician by John Michael Talbot

The Master Musician: A musical journey and parable depicting God as the Master Musician and we as his instruments. As God the Master Musician crafts us into fine musical instruments, we can "join in the symphony orchestra of the church and make a beautiful music bigger than any one musician for all the people of the world." This album includes 11 beautifully orchestrated and inspiring songs: The Master Musician, The Tree, The Craftsman, Classical Order, Impressions, Words and Music, One Note, The Symphoney, The Conductor, The Blessed Musician and The Final Ascent.

The companion book, "The Master Musician", is now available in paperback from InterVersity Press. Click here to order book...  Read Full Story >>>

George Lower "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music Project

PROJECT UPDATE: www.kickstarter.com/projects/635408298/george-lower-i-think-of-you-florida-folk-music-pro/posts/1205175

Good News....and MORE Good News!

Dear Backers,

We are moving forward! This album is going to be awesome!

Well, I don't really know exactly where to begin. It has been a bit of a whirlwind since my last update. I must confess that this journey has surprised me and challenged me in many ways. And I certainly was not expecting what I'm about to share with you.

Without going into a lot of details, my promotional efforts brought me to the attention of Nick Coetzee of Rain Music. Working with Nick, I now have the opportunity to take this album project to Watershed Recording Studio in Nashville, TN. I'll say it again because even I have a hard time believing it. I now have the opportunity to record this project in Nashville, TN! I certainly did not think two months ago that this... Read more here.


George Lower is a core member of our Top Catholic Songs discussion group. He's a Catholic artist and an all-around great guy with lots of life stories he is telling in song. Help him out by pledging to his "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music Project...  Read Full Story >>>

Organist needs new music for youth choir

Our newest member, Maggie, wrote:

"I am a Organist at my Catholic Church, and I wish to be introduced to some new music. I would use it especially in the Youth Choir. Topcatholicsongs.com would help me to make both the choir and congregation more holy and involved in music."

Let's introduce Maggie to some new music! C'mon, everyone – let's get the chatter going here. Collaborate and contribute your talents! Raise your voices and sing alleluia!

I'll get the ball rolling for Maggie by suggesting that she take a look at the many organ/choral pieces written by Paul F. Page. Paul offers his sheet music free at his web site, www.paulpage.org, specifically here:    Read Full Story >>>

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