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My unexpected miracle healing (part three): healing inside and out

From TCS member Susan Bailey:

My unexpected miracle healing (part three): healing inside and out

When I walked out of Holy Family church that Sunday after having my throat blessed, I had no idea what to expect. Over the past four years I had come to accept that my loss of voice was permanent.

That loss became a part of who I am... [read full story]

Links to parts one and two of the series appear at the end of the post.

Peace! Susan

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Choir trainer/conductor needs choral arrangements for liturgical services

Onidrol wrote:

"I am a trainer/conductor of the San Isidro Parish Choir of Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. I need choral arrangements for liturgical services."

Can you help Onidrol? Please make comments below. Thank you for your participation.

Spotlight on Jim Papandrea

Jim Papandrea has been writing, recording and performing music for over 25 years: in Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Los Angeles; Rome, Italy; and most recently in the Chicago area. After a few years with the Milwaukee-based band, The Crabs, Jim formed his own group called The Neumes, which migrated from the University of Minnesota to LA.  The Neumes released two recordings, Ars Nova and Contrast.  In 1995, after a summer at the American Academy in Rome, Jim returned to the Chicago area to create Remember Rome.  Remember Rome has released four CDs: Remember Rome, La Bocca della Veritá, Carpe Diem, and Holy Smoke – The Best of Remember Rome. Jim has been commissioned to write church choir music, and has also written music for film, and produced music videos.  He has written and directed two musicals, Treasures of the Heart (a Christmas musical) and The Prodigal’s Dream (an Easter Opera). One of the songs from Treasures of the Heart was featured on an internationally released compilation of Christmas music. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in music and theatre arts from the University of Minnesota, as well as a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, specializing in the history and theology of early Christianity. He has also studied Roman History at the American Academy in Rome, Italy.  Jim is an alumnus of the Nashville Songwriters’ Association International Song Camps, and is a teacher of songwriting.  He is currently Associate Professor of Church History at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (at Northwestern University) in Evanston, IL. Jim has been a featured speaker and singer at conferences, parish missions, and other special events, and also works as a consultant for churches, giving workshops and facilitating retreats. Jim and his wife Susie live in the suburbs of Chicago. 

Jim Papandrea's web site:

Jim Papandrea’s latest CD, featuring 12 original songs of faith, inspiration and encouragement. Contemplative, devotional and confessional, Still Quiet Voice is Jim Papandrea’s first solo project after almost two decades with the successful group, Remember Rome. Songs to encourage faith and prayer, to meditate, or just to relieve stress.

Click here to listen to and buy Still Quiet Voice

All the Songs is a free E-Book that contains the lyrics and guitar chords to (almost) every song Jim Papandrea has written. It also includes a commentary, with Jim Papandrea’s own reflections on the meaning of the lyrics, and the inspiration for each of the songs. Click the link to download All the Songs as a PDF.

All the Songs – Jim Papandrea

Vote for your favorite Pentecost hymns

A message from Nick Alexander:

We are now in the Easter Season.  Pentecost is coming soon. Pentecost is the traditional celebration as to the birth of the Church, when the Holy Spirit (which Jesus had promised to His followers) descended upon those in the upper room, giving them power to evangelize and to heal.

I am preparing a music resource that will employ the use of many traditional hymns and current worship songs to celebrate the events that occurred in Acts 2. My question is: What are your favorite traditional hymns and praise choruses for Pentecost?

The first section of songs are all in the public domain. The second section of songs are not.  They are culled from every resource I have at my disposal –,, and the many songbooks, hymnals and various missallette company resources.  They cut across all denominations.

I need your help, so to ascertain which songs people are hungry for, and which songs are blind spots.  I am discovering there's so many riches in our Christian faith, we can truly benefit from making these songs our own.  Your assistance will ensure that we can help discover anew our heritage and grow from these songs.

Thank you for participating!



Image by The Meek Warrior; Creative Commons Non-Commercial Use

Renew the spirit of your Pentecost worship

An email blast from GIA Publications:

Looking for ways renew the spirit of your Pentecost worship?
Try these highly recommended resources from GIA Publications, Inc.

For Organ...
G-6005 Veni Creator Spritus
G-8362 Gregorian Preludes for the Liturgical Year

For Organ with Instruments...
G-6433 Fantasy on Veni Creator for Alto Saxaphone and Organ

For Organ with Handbells...
G-8427 Introits and Anthems for Voices and Bells – Volume 2

For Handbells...
G-5751 Every Time I Feel the Spirit
G-7251 One Great Spirit
G-7492 Catch the Spirit

For Choir...
G-2665 Burn Bright
G-2831 Spirit of God within Me
G-2914 The Day of Pentecost
G-3003 Let Songs of Praises Fill the Sky
G-3606 Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
G-3915 Send Down the Fire
G-4589 Spirit-Friend
G-4766 Spirit of God Unleashed
G-5321 O Spirit, All Embracing
G-5526 Lord Send Out Your Spirit
G-7135 All Who Are Led by the Spirit
G-7167 When the Holy Spirit Comes
G-8415 Our Comforter and Guide 

For a complete listing of resources visit Pentecost Vigil and Pentecost Sunday 

Music Ministry Alive! 2014 – "Come, Follow"

July 29 - August 3, 2014 / St. Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota

There is still time to apply - but the deadline is very soon!

Come be a part of a magical week with young people and adult leaders! Under the leadership of founder and executive director David Haas, the 2014 team includes: Fr. Ray East, Lori True, Fr. Michael Joncas, Marty Haugen, Bonnie Faber, Kate Cuddy, Stephen Petrunak, Fr. Fran O'Brien, Jaime Cortez, Anna Betancourt, Mary Louise Bringle, Tom Franzak, Lynn Trapp, Sr. Kathleen Harmon, Joe Camacho, Tim Westerhaus, and many more!

Come join 150 other high school and early college students, and 50-60 adult leaders for a week of celebration, learning, growth, and the joy of liturgical music!

Visit for applications and more information

A healing from God – Susan Bailey

A note from Susan Bailey, speaker, performing songwriter and author. She is a member of the Catholic Association of Music:

Hi to all of you,

God has graced me with a wonderful healing which I am writing about on my blog. Here are links to the first two posts:

My unexpected miracle healing (part one)

My unexpected miracle healing (part two): openness to God's way

My unexpected miracle healing (part three): healing inside and out

More to come! Thanks be to God! Happy Easter to you.

Peace, Susan Bailey

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Introducing the Nick Alexander Parody Songs E-Book

All my parody lyrics (the ones worth remembering).

A message from Nick Alexander:

Today is a great day.  Really.

Today I am releasing a new resource for all those who are fans of my parody songs.  Thank you for your support for all these years.

It is with my pleasure to introduce to you my brand new PDF eBook “NICK ALEXANDER PARODY SONGS: Lyrics, Stories, and More!”

Within its contents you will discover everything you need to know about my parody songs; not just my parody song lyrics, but also my thoughts on every song, my story as to how I learned how to write parodies, and many useful helps, including skit ideas, the cheatsheet for “We Want to Stand United,” and the dance moves for R.C.I.A.   It will also have not one, not two, but three–count them!–THREE extensive indexes, so you can discover songs based on your favorite artist, or by the musical decade, or by specific topic or theme.

Why would you want such a resource?

  1. If you are a fan of my religious-based comedy/popular music concoctions, you may want to discover all the songs I’ve done, including those which didn’t make the cut, for whatever reason.
  2. If you are a teacher, a youth group leader, or a parent, and you are looking for creative ways to drive home a specific lesson or theme, you may find great ideas within these contents.  The indexes in the back will be of great help for you.
  3. If you are a budding parody writer yourself, you may want to know my processes as to how I write parody songs, what makes a good parody stick, and other industry thoughts.
  4. You have loads of free time and don’t mind reading stuff like this.

In short, this eBook is made available to anybody who wants it.  To get it, go to this page You will then be entered into my mailing list.  This mailing list will be secure, and your info will not be sent to anybody else.  I will use this mailing list to keep you informed on every noteworthy thing I am working on to best benefit you.

Have you perused this book’s contents?  What do you think?  What is your favorite Nick Alexander parody song?  Share below.

Read more at Nick Alexander's site.

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