Praise to the New Eve [Guadalupe Mix Double Bonus]

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If you don't know Lee O'Day, he's the program director for "The Sword of Saint George" or KSWZ, a Catholic radio station near the college town Manhattan, Kansas.  As he'd had us (the Catholic parody band Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch) featured on his "Saturday Night Sword Play" contemporary Catholic music show before, we sent him this track, a remix of Praise to the New Eve.  He enjoyed it and actually added a little connective tissue to the music to make it play twice as long for the radio program.  This was such a thrill and a huge compliment.  As I wanted to offer it here as a download, he graciously gave the OK to send out his version.  The video you're seeing here is the lyric video for Praise to the New Eve [Guadalupe Mix] and the free download you're seeing are Praise to the New Eve [Guadalupe Mix Double Bonus] (*this is Lee O'Day's version). Stay blessed!

Praise to the New Eve - Guadalupe Mix Double Bonus - Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch.mp33.23 MB
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