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These are lovely, beautiful, and echo softly in the soul after the music ends. Thanks for the share. I'm heading over to hear the whole Mass now. :-) 
Thanks for posting this really fun music to listen to!
Author: John Bennett
We'd love to have you come play your original songs on stage at our local Christian songwriters showcase.  We welcome Catholic songwriters and have promoted Catholics on our past compilation CD releases.. If you'd like to sample one of our shows please come to our September show: SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24TH,  2 - 4 PM Dunn Brothers Coffee 1160 County Road E West Arden Hills, MN 55112 Worshipping and spreading God's LOVE through our songs,  ,...
Author: asiansa09
Still feel inspire and true for this song lyrics as I wrote a while ago.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Steve,                 I just listened to your track on topcatholicsongs. You bought such grace and emotion to it. It was really a joy to listen to. It is good that in the UK you have come so far like in America and I hope we get there soon. It looks like we are on track though! All the best mate and God Bless, Alex.
I regard it now as "the common covid" – same as "the common cold". Practice good hygiene, exercise daily and get plenty of sunshine and we'll all survive. 
Author: Steve Byrne
Such an interesting discussion. Here in the UK we have lifted restrictions but still have masks on in Church. We can sing behind the masks - but no wind instruments allowed as yet. Cases are nationally high but we all seem to be ignoring it!  I've been listening to your music, gents. You're both very blessed.  hope you stay well.  Steve
Nice. I like your take on these songs of faith. Sounds like a live gig full of passion. You rock!
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                      Sorry to hear you won't be able to perform at your church anymore. I hope you enjoy semi retirement and have extra time for the things that are important to you. It's looking like lockdown here will be lifted early in about a week, rather than two! I doubt I'll be back to work for at least a month though. Stay safe and hope you and your loved ones and safe and well. All the best, Alex
Give this a listen. Instrumentals of classics plus originals with vocals! If you don't use Spotify see the previous post in there is a link to YouTube also.
This small set opens with two instrumentals and then goes further in, adding vocals. The guitar-intensive songs resemble the better tracks from his last work, Flicker in the Dust. Bio says the artist "doesn't claim to be a singer" but his vocals are sincere. Good job, Brian! Keep it up. 
Hi, Alex. Our restrictions are less oppressive and hardly effect me cause I don't go out much. We can go to church and are now not required to wear masks. This last Sunday, about a third of the worshipers chose to still wear masks at the 8 am Mass at St. Stanislaus. I retired from my every-Saturday job at St. Mary's leading hymns solo with guitar and voice at the 4:30 Mass. The new pastors have outlawed guitar and piano. They only want plainchant and organ. Sigh... On a positive note,...
That's an excellent idea! I can visualize the Catholic Carousel.
Hey Brian,  Thank you so much for your encouraging words.  Yes, let's get on this carousel, if it exists! Haha.  
Thanks, El Capitan. The words and melody came to me one night, out of nowhere. I first recorded it a cappella in 2008. See Several years later, my collaborator and mentor, André van Haren, added the beautiful symphonic soundtrack. André has posted blogs here at TCS which show how to engrave music with Sibelius. We have since both migrated to Steinberg Dorico.  André is here:


Beautiful! So grand. Loved this and the accompanying video. 
Author: Alexander John
Hey Richard, unfortunately the state I live in (Melbourne) is still locked down and will be until October the 26th. That's the earliest they will lift it, there is a possibility that we won't have restrictions eased until November. It is stressful because I work in hospitality so unfortunately I cant work from home. How are things in the States at the moment? I know you guys have been out of lockdown for quite some time. I miss the church as we can't go there either and it's been months now....
I appreciate your vote of confidence for the HFH project. I hope things are looking up down under, despite all the heavy-handed lockdowns and mandates in your country. 
I'll try to conjure up some sort of virtual musical.  I now have a very talented and mezzo soprano singer who can add her emotive voice to Hungry For Heaven. This has been on the backburner for too many years!
Author: Alexander John
I'm from Australia but lived in England for several years and unintentionally almost shook off my accent. Upon returning it was never as strong as when I left so it's not very traditional. If your ever interested in keeping in touch I'm not on social media but my e-mail address is: (a strange e-mail address but that date is important to me). Always keeping an eye out on your latest music. All the best and God Bless.
Author: stevdrak
Hi So sorry that I missed these earlier comments.  Yes, we have guitar lead sheets available for all of our music.  Just drop us a line, we're happy to share.  Thanks for the feedback as well, always welcome.  
I always wondered where you were from with your accent in your tracks.  Australia?  Now I know! 
Thank you for posting.  I'm listening to the other movements right now on the project web site.  Love that you have three dudes on two continents involved.  If it were made into a musical and I was near enough to the location of the performance, I would go.  If posted online, I would watch.  
Author: balynch88
I like guitar work in "He Gave His Body" This music needs to be played on Holy Land themed  carousel! I don't know if one exists, but it should. 
Thank you, Richard!
That comment sure made me feel good.  I'm trying to be more Spotify-intensive which I think is where you have your emphasis as both a listener and an artist, if I'm guessing correctly.  I don't really understand it so I signed up as a listener to figure it out.  I like it more than the free version of YouTube music I had previously used, it provides more variety.  
Alex,  Thank you for your kind words!  I enjoy your stuff as well. :-)
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, it's been a while since I have been here. Wanted to say hi from down under and let you know that I would love to see this made into a musical. So good to see so many new members too. All the best mate, Alex.
Author: Alexander John
Great song and video. I always find myself tapping my foot and smiling to the music you have done that I have listened to. Really great music Captain. Thank you for sharing
Cool how it transitions to cool jazz about halfway through. Thanks for sending this song upstream to TCS!