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Author: ronsue
Recorded anew because of changed lyrics


This would be good for my deaf friends as well.  Lyrics?
Author: ronsue
Could you please post the lyrics THanks Ron ​​​​​​
Author: ronsue
Thanks for posting. The lyrics are good for reflection and the guitar work is smooth and the musical arrangements complement the atmosphere of the lyrics. Keep the songs coming. Adios Ron
"The Lord had offered a piece of bread". Oh how we all need to realize this. and accept spiritual nourishment. Nice song. Good lyrics. Good instrumentation. Love that slide guitar.
Author: ronsue
Thanks for the critique. I didn't notice one misspelling.  Adieu Ron
Fr. Jeremy: No, it's not ready yet. But thanks for asking. I should be able to carve out some time this week. I just finished making changes to the piano-voice-guitar arrangement of "When We Go to Mass" – a song for faith formation for kids. Look for it soon!
This is amazing.  Is the new song ready yet?
This reminds me of the psalm (I think it is a psalm) that talks about how a thousand fall at my right 10 thousand on my right but it will (the army) not aproach with you at my side as my buckler and shield.   That concept of putting trust in nothing except God is so great.  Even if an army is set up agains me I will not feer if God is with me. Your song is so good for pointing out all the fauls hopes we have in so many ways and how we should trust in the Lord alone. Thank you...
Author: ronsue
Thanks for all you are doing. Ron
I am working on some ideas. Back in a few days,.
Author: ronsue
Yes, that would be good. You can do whatever you judge to improve the song. Thanks, Ron.
With your permission, I would like to rework this song. I believe it has possibilities. Let me know. I think it would be more engaging with a traditional verse-chorus structure to keep it from being monotonous. There are some good words in there based on John 16: 33.
Dan Vi, I am happy for you. Keep writing about the goodness of God as you dwell in the Spirit. Good to hear from you.
Author: asiansa09
Thank God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Family in sainthood's direction, for two years as I am living a peaceful life in the house of God.
Fr. Martin, your page link is better than the one I gave from the very same website. It has all the prayers given in full. I posted: You posted: Hey, I am not trying to be critical. I am critiquing. Big difference. I think the main bone of contention, as Ron pointed out, is whether to capitalize deity pronouns. I don't think anyone is in favor of using lowercase for terms like...
Here is an interesting website:
The website?   I would imagine the the Lord the words and not in English. Who has the translation authority into English in our own day and age. If these are the Lord's own words these questions are not unimportant. If we want others to come to believe we need to take the care, not of a pharasee, but of and artist. In Christ, Fr. St. Martin  
I can't spell so please don't read if you can't stand misspellings. Yes.  Thank you for saying that we are all sinners and in need of his mercy.  It is just a big temptation to think of "them" and "us" and not really be thinking we are proud pharasies. Jesus was a pharsee.  Is God proud? The pharsees who were critizied by Christ were religious leaders who had real athority, knowledge of scripturre, observed religiuous precepts, honored the...
Author: ckelley
2-True! Thank you Ron for the distinction - you are spot-on. As one of my favorite pastors used to say; "there is nothing new under the sun"...    the brokeness of humanity and associated faults & failings are well represented in each of us who also have the digntity of the human person, made in the image and likeness of God, all of which needs mercy! Will be praying for y'all - and myself this Divine Mercy Sunday! Pax Christi.  Deacon Chuck
Correct spelling is "pharisaically". "Bad spellers of the world.... untie!"  – Love it! Use a spell checker! I do when I write emails and compose lyrics and other text. I usually run a spell check after I am done typing. Realtime spell checking is OK, too, but can sometimes break my "flow" when typing. When writing poetry or lyrics, good formatting is essential. It makes you look more professional. I recommend that members of this website prepare...
Author: ronsue
The prayer does not accuse or condemn a pharisee. The pharisee tries to live out with precise devotion the Torah.  St  Paul was such a pharisee the good Lord had mercy on him - his intentions. The Lord contrasts the PROUD pharisee praying in the temple with the poor sinner asking for mercy. The divine mercy prayer calls for mercy on ALL of us - we are all sinners falling short in one way or another to some degree or another of the pure Love of Christ.  That is why The good Lord...
Author: ckelley
"hypocrite"   "pharisee"  "accusatory"   Bad spellers of the world....    untie!  
Great to have consistancy with the Holy Mother the Church when it comes to Capitalization.  It may be that I or you want different but what does that mater.  We become the pharazise if we think we know better than the proper authorities. About the calling of people pharasitical, it just doesn't come across to me as self acusatory.  There is a desire for some people to be called out as pharasees. Becareful of that attitude.  In a way the Pharasees called out Christ as a...
It's not "wrong" to use lower case. There are some bibles and lectionaries that use this convention. For example, the Gloria from the current English Roman Missal: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will. We praise you, we bless you, we adore you, we glorify you, we give you thanks for your great glory, Lord God, heavenly King, O God, almighty Father. Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, you take away the...
Author: ronsue
I went to a website (I believe it may have been one that Richard pointed out) to get the exact words of the chaplet prayer. The personal pronouns for the Lord were capitalized and in expanding the prayer I used lowercase. I am trying to use all lowercase as you pointed that the church is using all lowercase.  I didn't call you or anyone else in particular in this expanded version of the chaplet. I just asked for mercy and for the heavenly Father to send the Holy Spirit on anyone of US...
Fr. Jeremy, I assume that this is a question for Ron. You and I discussed this in an email exchange a couple months ago. There are two camps in Catholic and Christian circles: those that use reverential capitalization and those who do not. It's generally regarded as a matter of personal preference. Personally, I prefer reverential capitalization. For the Divine Mercy Chaplet, both USCCB and the Vatican use reverential capitalization:
I noticed that you used reverential capitalization at times and at other times you did not us reverential capitalization.  I hope I am not becoming pharisiticaly proud in asking this question.  It is important to me that the word of God be praised and the truth of Jesus be proclaimed in not uncertain terms.  If those who claim to love the Lord don't even care about reverential language when it concerns the Lord how can we expect salvation never mind attract others to the Lord?...
Ron, you may have noticed Dan Vi's original post. Check out the comments to see the progression of our collaboration: I am not sure if the "messages from Christ to Sr. Faustina" that Dan Vi posted are exact or if she paraphrased them slightly. I used Dan Vi's stanzas with a few minor modifications to create my chant version with dulcimer. Then I heavily reworked the "messages from Christ" to create my rhyming song...
Author: ronsue
In listening to them I gathered the lyrics were inspired from the messages of our Lord to St Faustina and to us. Ron 
I should clarify that the two songs that Dan Vi and I did are based on messages from Christ to St. Faustina. They are not based on the Divine Mercy Chaplet written by St. Faustina. That explains the big difference in the words. 
Author: ronsue
Thanks for posting these variations on the divine mercy chaplet
Thanks for posting this Divine Mercy Chaplet. I reposted my two collaborative songs (right under this story) that were done with Dan Vi Nguyen a few years ago. It is nice to hear various songs and chants based on the good words of Sr. Faustina.
Congratulations. This is great news. Your psalms are resplendent with artistry and grace. They are food for the hungry soul. I hope you find a way to get the psalm settings engraved as sheet music for voice, piano and guitar (plus some with violin).
Author: ronsue
Yes we have to do it again and again and again unto the fullness of life in heavenly glory
Eternally Timely.  It is a new song.  You have fullfilled the comand to sing a new song unto the Lord.  Imposible for nothing is new under the son. However it means do it again.  Even if we try to do it exactly the same way we can't help but do it in a new way.  This is always the case and so all things under the son are always new and eternal in the fact that they always grow up to the invinite source.  
I failed to take notice of this song when you posted it last fall. Interesting song. I need to run it through Google Translator to absorb the commentary. Thanks for mentioning Synthesizer V by Dreamtonics. You just wrote to me and said it was used to produce the woman's voice in this song. I am interested in this tech for my own songs!
Author: Guillaume
"I would like to try AI to "sing" the soprano and alto voices of my compositions. I have been using Ircam Trax by Flux to transform and pitch shift my own recorded voice." Then you may be interested by Synthesizer V by Dreamtonics. It has very realistic voices, as you can hear it in my last song.  
Thanks for letting me know about Guillaume wrote: "I am aware it raises many questions, to which I have no answer yet." Well said! I have many questions, too. I would like to try AI to "sing" the soprano and alto voices of my compositions. I have been using Ircam Trax by Flux to transform and pitch shift my own recorded voice.
Author: Guillaume
Thank you! I did not use Chat GPT but Suno. The process is very simple: you type some lyrics (I used lyrics written by Frederick W. Faber) and the genre of music you want to have. And that's all... I am aware it raises many questions, to which I have no answer yet...
These two songs are full of gusto. Very proclamatory. They have the energy and feel of a sea shanty/chanty. I have my reservations about the use of AI for composing songs, but these both sound very good. What ChatGPT prompts did you use? Which version of ChatGPT? What AI app or service did you use?
Author: ronsue
Have a Joy-filled solemnity. Ron St Martin
I had forgotten to post my Spanish version of the responsorial psalm for March 19. I just posted it! As usual, thank you for your worshipful artistry.
and weep especially for our own ignorance, poor catechesis, poor education, cultural confusion, pride, etc.


Author: ronsue
Yes in this time as in other times when a significant number of people reject(ed) the good Lord for whatever reason (ignorance, poor catechesis, poor education, cultural confusion, pride, etc) we the body of Christ should weep as the Lord wept. 
Good Prayer for our day and age.  Saints of Jerusalem, pray for us.
Could it be the setting by James Marchionda?
Sung with pure tones and pleasing acoustic arpeggios. Dreamy and worshipful. Thanks for sharing. 
Perhaps you heard "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman" by Carey Landry. I have sung it often with my church choir.  Allow me to put in a pitch for a song I helped record and publish. The melody is by Tony Moran: Hail Mary (track 16)
Author: Clam19
additionally, It is a song that is sung very slowly.
Author: Clam19
Hello, can anyone help me, please and thank you, find the Hail Mary song with the following lyrics: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus Jesus Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Hail Mary, full of grace, Hail Mary...
Thank you for your review of an "oldie but goodie" hymn. I like the lyrics and the various keyboard arrangements. You sure do a thorough job of showcasing not just the hymn but its lyricist and manifold melodic composers. Looking forward to next month's Hymn of the Month.


That was a good one.  Amen! Trully new!
I'll be in touch, Brian. 
Author: brianjtucker
Hi Richard, thanks for getting back to me, and I'm so glad you love my songs! I had the blessing of getting them produced by a local producer. And thanks for the recommendation of Tom Mohr. I'll look into that. Yeah, I didn't have luck with OCP so far, but I was blessed to get my song, We Adore You, published by GIA just very recently (See my song's page on their website as it is available for download but not print yet), so that is exciting.  I'd be down to collaborate and definitely...
Greg does.
Brian, your songs are sublime, your voice is an ointment and your soundbeds are top quality. I would be interested in collaborating with you. I could use your voice on some of my songs and hymns. Perhaps I can do some cowrites with you. Let's talk. By the way, I was disappointed by not accepting any of the three co-written songs I submitted a few years ago. It's a hard nut to crack. Richard Schletty Owner/admin: insong....
Brian, I suggest that you seek advice about self promotion from Tom Mohr. See his letters, songs and podcasts: Contact me at if you would like Tom's email address.
Author: ronsue
No I don't Ron
Thank you for your comment. I would like to have your song about bread posted. Do you know which one I mean? Sincerely, Jeremy 
Author: brianjtucker
Hello all. I'm Brian Tucker, a Catholic singer/songwriter from Colorado Springs, CO who has released 9 songs in the contemporary Christian style (check out my songs like We Adore You at or, and I'm now transitioning to becoming a songwriter for the Church in the contemporary Christian vein and especially writing songs for the liturgy and for adoration that elevat the beauty of mass. Anyone know besides pitching songs to OCP or GIA...
See the TOC here: in the thumbnail previews. Then Sings My Soul, Volume 1
Author: Don9of11
I am not aware of that book. So I would be intrested in seeing the table of contents.   
Don, have you ever seen the book Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan? It has  stories for 150 of the world's greatest hymns. ©2003. I can send you the table of contents if interested. We both know that there are lots of "greatest hymns" books abounding but I thought I would mention this one.
Author: GregR
The guitar rolls along nicely with the lyrics  and the theological explanation provided some insight that I had not considered before.  
Author: asiansa09
I am grateful to celebrate the new year 2024 in the house of God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Family in sainthood's direction.
I like your thorough survey of the hymn "Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest" at The two sample tracks with voices are splendid, especially the recording from St. Cecilia Church. Love those harmonies. And the four different melodies are interesting. Well done!
Excellent words of faith. Nicely recorded by Diamond Garden Music. I'll have to look them up. Good to hear from you again, Dan Vi! I hope all is going well.
It is an interesting melody and wonderful lyrics.  Love still can be found! Some one should do a cover with harmony. In Christ, Fr. St. Martin Son of RONSUE
Another wonderful psalm setting. This one is especially resonant and immersive. Did you make some improvements with your recording equipment and DAW software? I hope that church communities discover your full three-year psalter. Having guitar-piano-voice sheet music will make them especially attractive. I know you are working on that. Blessings, Richard
Author: ckelley
Thank you for your kind words Von! Next time the Catholic Comedy Tour comes through NJ, I'll let you know!   Pax Christi, Dcn. Chuck   
Author: VonBalthazar
Mel Tormé, aka "The Velvet Fog", comes to mind. After you finish mass and then your show at the Comedy Club, do a set of Standards at the local piano bar. Nice voice and lyrics! During my Spiritual Exercises class today, we got into the exchange between Jesus and Peter. Providential! Well done, Dcn Chuck! I can just imagine you providing the music and song as God judges each individual on the Day of Judgment. Between his mercy and your mellifluous voice, we can all dare to hope that all will...
Author: ronsue
Very beautiful and thanks for giving us the lyric and music sheet music. Keep the songs coming! Ron St Martin  
Author: ckelley
Thank you Richard! - much appreciate your kind words.    Pax Christi! - Chuck 
Thanks for sharing this. It is mellow, beautiful and meaningful. These are surely the words of Christ as heard by the Apostle Peter. What's more, Peter's Song is performance-ready with the guitar lead sheet you provide. Welcome to Top Catholic Songs!
Author: ckelley
Thanks for sharing these Ron ! Blessings! Deacon Chuck 
Author: ronsue
This song was written about 20 years ago.  The good Lord gives us hindsight and foresight to help us see his providence over the years and helps to go through the future.
The longer we live the more we can see God's hand in everything.  This song becomes more true the older you get!
Author: ronsue
Thanks for the review. Ron
Love the intro. Reminiscent of Leo Kottke. The vocal harmonies remind me of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Cool song. Good words. I place this in the top five of your songs I've heard so far.
Author: Don9of11
Thank you Richard, I am aware of the Corpus Christi Watershed collection of hymnals.  You might want to visit this website if you like devotional music. The Devotional Hymns Project
Author: ronsue
As your love grew so did this song thanks for sharing. Ron
Thanks for posting the lyrics plus the backstory. I may have more comments later.
Author: ronsue
My mind cycloned refers to my experience in the late sixties as a student at UMass in Boston during the anti-war protest, sexual revolution, and wide spread drug use.  The city was teeming with us baby boomers come of age and pride. promiscuity, drug abuse, and nihilism in the anti-war demonstrations were full-blown. In my senior, we had bomb sacres twice a day and the faculty voted to shut the school down in early March and we had no graduation just a diploma mailed to us. Some people I...
Don, check out this article: Free download of 49 Catholic hymnals Links to 49 old Catholic hymnals, listed at Corpus Christi Watershed: Please visit the Corpus Christi Watershed web site for updates. The following list will continue to grow & be updated. Most of these are Catholic hymnals; some are Anglican ones. Many were scanned and made available by Corpus Christi Watershed, others by Google.
You are much better read than I ever was. My main daily reading has to do with efficient ways of developing websites, and troubleshooting tech gone bad. I do derive good counsel and inspiration from Sunday Mass scripture readings and the psalms. Looking forward to the lyrics. This song deserves and needs to go viral. How can we make that happen?
Author: ronsue
I've read many books by Pope Benedict and one thing he reminds us of is readiness to face persecution.  The line about a knife is an allusion to outright persecution. I read the life of St Thomas Moore and how the persecution of the faithful sprang up rather quickly.  
Your song has a bit of a Simon and Garfunkel vibe. Good lyrics and rhythmic momentum. Clever wordplay. "Living by the edge, the edge of a knife, could easily end my bodily life. But anyway you cut it, my hope is your [sight/side?]" I am not understanding some of the words. But I get the general gist of the song. It would be nice to see the lyrics. Have you performed your songs in public? This would be good for a youth rally. Thanks for sharing.
Author: ronsue
Thanks for sharing this beautiful song. Ron St Martin
You give a very thorough coverage of a hymn's history, complete with sheet music images and sound files. Really good job. I see that the St. Mary's Church where you sang was in Akron, Ohio. I sang at St. Mary's in St. Paul, MN, for a dozen years. I have dozens of old hymnals that I have collected over the years. I will enjoy bookmarking the songs you feature in these old songbooks. Thanks for posting this in the Forum section of TCS. This is an underutilized area for discussion....
It is a shared interest.
Author: Don9of11
Thank you Richard and thank you for allowing me to post here at Top Catholic Songs. St. Mary's in Akron, Ohio has been my parish for over thirty years. I also have nice collection of old hymnals that I use for my research. I hope others will read my stories and share them with their friends!
Wow, what a complete coverage of a hymn's history, complete with sheet music images and sound files. Really good job. I see that the St. Mary's Church where you sang was in Akron, Ohio. I sang at St. Mary's in St. Paul, MN, for a dozen years. I have dozens of old hymnals that I have collected over the years. I will enjoy bookmarking the songs you feature in these old songbooks.
Author: ronsue
I just think that if we capitalize God - Father- Son that it follows we can capitalize the pronouns that refer to Him. I don't think it misleads or confuses anyone.  Sincerely, Ronald St Martin
Good Afternoon, It is interesting that you capitalized the prose pronouns in the middle of the sentences.  Is this an attempt to encourage the Universal Church to change it's current practice or a mistake? Sincerely, Fr. Jeremy St. Martin
Harmonious vocals, sweet guitar and a singing violin help draw the faithful to God. Love it.
Author: ronsue
Beautiful song asking for the god Lord's help and GUIDANCE.
Author: ronsue
Thanks for the critical review and all the info and links on the  the lyrics you wrote and the album and Cherokee website. Adios Rn
Well done, Edgar! This is a beautiful ode to the Creator. Excellent lyrics, melody and chord progressions. I'd love to hear this recorded with good post-production. It's a bit muffled. Light instrumental additions such as strings and piano would be good.
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