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Responsorial Psalm 117(118):1,8-9,21-23,26,28-29 for 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B - The Stone Which The Builders Rejected Has Become The Corner Stone

MP3 Music Playlist: 


Responsorial Psalm 117(118):1,8-9,21-23,26,28-29 for 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B


The stone which the builders rejected has become the corner stone.


Give thanks to the Lord for he is good,

for his love has no end.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord

than to trust in men;

it is better to take refuge in the Lord

To Persevere With Good Cheer

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   "These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16: 33
You help us through and persevere
In our trials with patience and good cheer, You overcame the world and our enemy As our brother - you loved us perfectly
You showed us how to be Holy
As our Father would love us to be
And in your passion, you showed how to endure In your Father’s love and will in prayer pure
You gave us the beatitudes for us to be
Aware of the allure of pride and self-sufficiency Your saints show us how to be holy
Each in their own way to live in joy and be truly free
Now in our knowledge and technology

Your Love Will Keep Me Strong

Christ is risen!!!

This is my new song, I co-wrote it with my friends Ann Ammar and Marianne Eichhorn.

I played all the instruments and sung and produced everything. The video shows original footages of the Sea of Galilee and surroundings.

The original title of the song was "Seasons of life" and then we opted for the other one...It's about the seasons of life and how through the different moments the Lord is with us and leads everything to its fullfillment.

If you wish to download the HD version for free or listen to the Spotify version you find the links at my blog:

I wish you Happy Easter with the words of the Byzantine Rite. This is something that belongs also to us, since we are brothers and there are also Catholic Oriental Churches that pray with this rite:

GIA hymnals comparative listing of songs

Originally posted

GIA hymnals comparative listings are very helpful for locating songs. Here are GIA Music's current hymnals:

GIA Music's comparative listings for current hymnals (as of 2019) include these hymnals:

  • Worship 4 (W4)
  • Worship 3 (W3)
  • Gather 3 (G3)
  • Gather Comprehensive 2nd Edition (GC2)
  • RitualSong 1st Edition (RS)
  • Gather Comprehensive (GC)
  • Catholic Community Hymnal (CCH)
  • Gather 2 (G2)
  • Ritual Song 2nd Edition (RS2)

Hymns & Songs (Excel - PDF)  Psalmody (Excel - PDF)
Service Music: Masses (Excel - PDF)  Service Music: Various (Excel - PDF)

GIA's Gather 4 (Gather IV) Hymnal is not yet included in the above comparative listings. Click here for full index of Gather 4.

Click on "Read full story" to see the table of songs.

Psalm 67(with antiphone)

MP3 Music Playlist: 
In this amazing psalm probably written by King David(About  1000 to 960 BC) Ask the God of Israel, who in truth is the one true and living God of all the nations and people, to let all the peoples praise him. He wanted peace among the nations, which would come about when all the peoples and nations would worship the one true and living God.  The psalmist is inspired to pray for all people to come to know and praise the God of Israel as their one true God. The psalmist reminds us that God rules all peoples with justice and guides all the nations on earth.
LYRICS with antiphone:
Come let us worship - the risen Lord
May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us

Divine Desire

MP3 Music Playlist: 
Deepest Desire
What are ya gonna do what are ya gonna do What are ya gonna do
When you can’t get through
And there’s a voice of darkness in the air everywhere
Still your mind and tell that voice to depart  Bow your head and open your heart To the living Truth
Where you're gonna go Where you’re gonna go Where you’re gonna go When you can’t move
There seems to be no one here or anywhere/who cares Take my Word - the living Truth
He’ll free your soul

Responsorial Psalm 4:2,4,7,9 for the 3rd Sunday in Easter, Year B - Lift Up The Light Of Your Face On Us, O Lord

MP3 Music Playlist: 

Responsorial Psalm 4:2,4,7,9 for the 3rd Sunday in Easter, Year B

Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

When I call, answer me, O God of justice;
from anguish you released me, have mercy and hear me!

Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

It is the Lord who grants favours to those whom he loves;
the Lord hears me whenever I call him.

Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

‘What can bring us happiness?’ many say.
Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.

Psalm 19: 7-14

MP3 Music Playlist: 
The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul.
The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever.
The decrees of the LORD are firm, and all of them are righteous.
they are more precious than gold than much pure gold;
they are sweeter than honey

Psalm 19: 1-11

MP3 Music Playlist: 
1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
2 The firmament proclaims the works of his hands.
3 Day unto day pours forth speech;
4 night unto night whispers knowledge.
1 There is no speech, no word
2 Their voice is not heard;
1 A report goes forth - 2 through all the earth,

Domingo 3 de Pascua B - Salmo 4 - En ti, Señor, confío. Aleluya

YouTube video:

Salmo responsorial para Domingo 3 de Pascua B - Ciclo B - Salmo 4 - En ti, Señor, confío. Aleluya. Descarga gratuita de partituras en el siguiente enlace. Todos los versos del salmo están disponibles. / Responsorial psalm for 3rd Sunday of Easter, Cycle B. Free download of sheet music at the following link. All the psalm verses are available.

Survey Results: Most Beloved Easter Hymns

The grave now is empty! The stone is rolled away! Hallelujah!

This crosspost from Nick Alexander's blog was originally posted at TCS on April 22, 2014.

Survey conducted by Nick Alexander

The grave now is empty! The stone is rolled away! Hallelujah!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Easter is the most joyous time of the year. It is the time that we celebrate the impossible–that death no longer has any power over us. Our Lord Jesus looked as if He was slain; but no! Jesus conquered death. And by conquering death, He has opened the way of salvation to all who believe.

Easter is not a one day celebration. (That is a misnomer). Easter is a celebration that lasts forty days on the Christian calendar. It is celebrated with Alleluia’s–those same Alleluias that were hidden for the forty days of Lent prior, they are now used to overflowing. It is the most celebratory of seasons, and we must not lose sight of the joy in our walks.

I had asked my readership as to what their favorite Easter hymns were, and you all responded in kind. These are the results.

1. Christ, The Lord Is Risen Today, Alleluia! (54.00%)
2. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (42.00%)
3. Crown Him With Many Crowns (40.00%)
4. I Know That My Redeemer Lives (36.00%)
5. Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine! (32.00%)
6. Hallelujah Chorus (30.00%)
7. All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name, Let Angels Prostrate Fall (28.00%)
8. All Creatures Of Our God And King (26.00%)
9. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (24.00%)
10. Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise (22.00%) ... 

A Special Message from the Choir of Our Lady of the Rosary, Verdun, St. John, Barbados

Sing Psalms to the Lord - Thank You!

Gospel - John 20:1-9 He must rise from the dead.

What started off as just an idea, has, with God’s grace, become a reality, and our collection of Caribbean psalms, including our reworking of a few psalms from the Pilgrim People choirs of Singapore, is complete.

To our clergy, our parishioners, and everyone who has been with us along the way, we thank you for your support and encouragement. We thank you for listening and praying along with us. A special thank you to our families, without whom we would not have been able to dedicate our time and talent to this undertaking.

We pray that you will continue to sing along with these psalms, to the glory of God, our Heavenly Father.

The Choir of Our Lady of the Rosary, Verdun, St. John, Barbados.

You may visit our YouTube channel here:

Our podcast "Sing Psalms to the Lord" can be found at all the quality podcast providers.

The podcast website can be found here:

Responsorial Psalm 39(40):7-11 for the Annunciation of the Lord - Here I Am, Lord! I Come To Do Your Will

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Responsorial Psalm 39(40):7-11 for the Annunciation of the Lord

Here I am, Lord! I come to do Your will.

You do not ask for sacrifice and offerings,
but an open ear.
You do not ask for holocaust and victim.
Instead, here am I.

Here I am, Lord! I come to do Your will.

In the scroll of the book it stands written
that I should do Your will.
My God, I delight in Your law...

Psalm 145: 9-21

MP3 Music Playlist: 
I recorded and posted the first half of Psalm 145 a while ago. Here is part two
9 The LORD is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made.
10 All thy works shall give thanks to thee, O LORD and all thy saints shall bless thee!
11 They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and tell of thy power,
12 to make known to the sons of men thy mighty deeds, and the glorious splendor of thy kingdom.
13 Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endures throughout all generations. The LORD is faithful in all his words, and gracious in all his deeds.
14 The LORD upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down.
15 The eyes of all look to thee, and thou givest them their food in due season.

O Risen Lord

MP3 Music Playlist: 

Lord, you are risen all glorious  alleluia  
Christ rising hails his new creation
The angels sing in exultation
A new heaven and earth you will to be
Our bodies raised like yours in glory
With  new eyes, we will see
You  in all your divine glory
With new voices, we will sing
With the angels in harmony
With new ears, we will hear
Our Lord and Lady singing
Leading us in praise and thanksgiving 
To the Father of love and all the living
Now Christ is with us each day
Leading us on our pilgrim way
As our model and our way
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