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Sign up free as a registered user to post your original songs of faith (covers are discouraged unless you have permission from the copyright holder). Here you can discover and appreciate Catholic-Christian songs both old and new. As a free member you can post articles and make comments. Top Catholic Songs (TCS) helps Catholic-Christian songwriters, songleaders, catechists and group leaders with song selection, songwriting, do-it-yourself song notation, and promotion. Song artists share talents, tips, influences, favorite songs or stories related to their journey in music. Some of the songs  in our various user-generated articles are dynamically connected to iTunes where a seeker of quality Catholic music can listen to and purchase music tracks. Other songs are directly downloadable as MP3 files.

Due to copyright laws, TCS does not allow posting of lyrics to copyrighted songs that are not in the public domain. The exception is any song for which the composer or copyright holder has given a TCS member direct and explicit permission to share.

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Find practice tracks and lyrics for liturgies and other church services by referring to our Liturgical Music Resources page. And see this useful GIA hymnals comparative listing of songs.

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You can go to YouTube.com to find psalms and hymns to listen to. You will find there many songs managed by ONE LICENSE (including songs from hymnals by GIAOCP and WLP).

You can see low-resolution sheet music previews of many popular Catholic songs at Hymnary.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the site admin or owner?

A. Send an email to info@topcatholicsongs.com. Current site owner and admin is Richard Schletty.

Q. I am a Catholic musician. I want to promote my music. How do I join this community?

A. Become a registered user at this site: Create a New Account. You may create your own stories, blog and forum topics. Upload your music to iTunes, CDBaby, SoundCloud or YouTube and place links to your songs in a story. Our staff wil be happy to help you with getting your music heard.

Q. How can I embed a YouTube video?
In the visual editor (a.k.a. rich text editor), click on the Source button in the top left of the formatting toolbar. The window changes to a source code editor. Enter your YouTube embed code. Click on the Source button again to return to the visual editor.

Q. How can I get better line spacing?

In the visual editor: The Return (or Enter) key gives you a single line break <br>. Shift+Return gives you a new paragraph <p> with 1-1/2 line spacing.

Q. How do I upload to iTunes?

A: See these links (Please report outdated or broken links):

iTunes Connect
iTunes Connect Resources and Help
iTunes Connect Online Application (for uploading your music direct to Apple iTunes)
iTunes Connect Music Partner Search (for uploading your music to Apple iTunes through a third party publisher like CDBaby.com or Tunecore.com)

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