Ascension Thursday Hymn

To the melody of ST DELIO ("Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise") [] New praises be given to Christ newly crowned Who back to His heaven a new way hath found God's blessedness sharing before us He goes What mansions preparing, what endless repose! His glory still praising on thrice holy ground Th'apostles stood gazing his MOther around With hearts that beat faster, with eyes full of love They watched while their Master ascended above. "No star can disclose Him," the bright angels said; "Eternity knows Him, your conquering Head: Those high habitations He leaves not again, Till judging all nations, on earth He shall reign." Thus spoke they, and straightway, where legions defend Heav'n's glittering gateway, their Lord they attend And cry, looking thther, "Your portals let down For Him who rides hither in peace and renown." They asked, who keep sentry in that blessed town "Who thus claimeth entry, a king of renown?" "The Lord of all valiance," that herald replied, "Who Satan's battalions laid low in their pride." Gran, Lord, that our longing may follow Thee there On earth who are thronging Thy temples with prayer And unto Thee gather, Redeemer, Thine own Where Thou with Thy Father, dost sit on the throne. --St. Bede the Venerable, 673-735. Translation R.A. Knox.