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I want to take my faith to the next level. I want to use as many helps as I can to make my faith come alive. Music is an extremely powerful medium, and there is a long history of music in the Church. There are so many riches in our faith, and we are living in a time where we can grow, both in our priceless heritage and in going forward, reaching out.
I am a keynote speaker, a worship leader, a podcaster, and a comedian. I am a convert to the Catholic faith, and am on fire for living my best to the Lord, as a student, and as a father. I have had extensive experience as a a communicator of the faith through my keynotes, reaching those of every age group. I have had years of worship leading under my belt, both in liturgical and in non-liturgical settings. I have two podcasts out: one of which allows me to have an extended worship session online (using a variety of public domain and permissioned works), that you can download the lyrics for. As a comedian, I have three albums out of parody songs, taking the popular music of our culture and translating it into comic Catholic gems. I am still crafting songs based on today, both originals and parodies.
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