Guest List: Nicholas Cole's Favorite Songs

  1. Boom Bip by Point 5 Covenant from Listen. Learn.
  2. Lift Up Your Eyes by Keith Roberts from This Time Around
  3. Jesus Loves Me from Little Lamb Lullabies
  4. Are You Amazed? by Bob Rice from Shining Like the Son (Best of 1996-2005)
  5. Alleluia (Raise Your Voice) by News At Eleven from Here Till the End
  6. Mary's Got My Back by Sarah Bauer from Lead Me Home
  7. hope4thenew by manuel3 from Catholic Soul Revolution
  8. Transubstantiation by Nick Alexander from A Time to Laugh
  9. Communion by Gretchen Harris from Sign of Love
  10. Take Up Your Cross by Tajci Tatiana from I Thirst - the Crucifixion Story
Nicholas Cole is the former owner of Catholic Tuneage. He has selected this Top 10 list from some of his favorite Catholic albums. These songs are really a cross section of his life over the past couple of years. Four years ago when he founded Catholic Tuneage, lullabies would have never made the list, but now that he has two children they have become quite important to his music selections. But, even with the kiddos, you still cannot shake Catholic rap from the #1 spot!