Allmusicalkind music learning books: La Scala performances

You will enjoy listening to these dramatic and spirited "readings" (demo performances) of music written by composer Sandro Fazzolari. The recordings feature members of Teatro Alla Scala (La Scala): Principals Sandro Laffranchini (1st Cellist) and Mario Marzi (1st Saxophonist). Sandro Fazzolari at piano.

My friend, composer and arranger André van Haren, does engraving work for Sandro for his instrument learning books for students of all ages. 

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Allmusicalkind is a Dutch music publisher of Classic & Unique songs composed by Italian-Canadian composer Sandro Fazzolari, Ph.D. Allmusicalkind theme books are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The books are available for several solo instruments that can be performed alone or as a duo with the piano, guitar or harp books of the same title.The SPORTS books also work as a trio with cello.

From publishing company founder Mireille Suyck
The idea for Allmusicalkind arose after having had the honour of meeting the Italian-Canadian composer Sandro Fazzolari. I explained that musicians today needed music that is fun and composed especially for them. We combined our forces to create something for all of those who have chosen to play an instrument and want to perform something new, original and a little different. Our wish is to make their first approach fun, interesting and relatively easy to learn. It is our hope these books inspire them to work with their teachers and continue their way up from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels. The first four theme book sets (piano, guitar, harp and 8 different solo instruments) are now available. 

About the composer
Sandro Fazzolari (b.1966) is an Italian-Canadian composer working and living in Milan. He started piano lessons at the age of 4 and composed his first piano piece at age 5. He has over 40 works in his catalogue including: 4 operas, a ballet, numerous chamber, vocal and solo pieces. He won first prize while living in New York City in the Mark Brunswick Composition Competition for his Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano. Sandro is exclusively published by Allmusicalkind of Holland and records for Auditoria Classic Records on Lake Como. He holds an Honours Bachelor Degree (University of Western Ontario, Peter Paul Koprowski), A Master's Degree (City University of New York, David Del Tredici) and a Ph.D. in Composition (University of Minnesota, Dominick Argento). He currently teaches Music In English at The Scuola Civica Claudio Abbado in Milan.