Audio by composer richard_schletty_david_gomez_sanz

Lifting by Richard Schletty, David Gomez Sanz, Alberto Ayuso

7th Movement from the project Hungry For Heaven. More at Would you like to see this become a musical? If so, please comment.

7th Movement, Hungry for Heaven

Raise me skyward in a torrent
Energize me with your current
I won't fall, I won't fail
Word poured from your holy grail

There's no doubt when you are guiding
You, my safety for the gliding
You, my hammer, stylus, bow
You, my style and my flow

Hungry For Heaven

I am everything with Christ
when my pride has been excised
Strongest shadow cast on Earth
comes from supernova birth

Acting our way
to a better way of thinking
Lifting us up
to a higher state of being

Now I vow to reach up higher
Never mind the pain or fire
Break the shackles, up from mire
I take you as my sire

Rolling flesh, cascading breath
birthing, laughing, crying, death
Bridging chasms, spanning souls
Don't let hope die in the shoals

Innocence destroyed in youth
Satisfied to be uncouth
Potential wasted in the hustle
Something broken in the tussle

Mighty tree with roots commingled
Some caressing, some all tangled
Roots and flowers, endless branching
Thorns that pierced now used for stanching

Master gardener sows the way
Rushing wind will prune decay
Hunger never so acute
Life eternal from good fruit

Lyrics (c)2007 Richard Schletty
Music (c)2007 David Gomez Sanz

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