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Blessed Hope by John Bennett

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A song from my new CD called Time's Up by John Bennett

Highly Recommended CD for Easter

I was in the gift shop of the San Diego Mission and hear music playing.  it was Collin Raye HIS LOVE REMAINS  CD and I immediately bought it and have been listening since.  His voice is so beautiful and pure as well as the song selections.  Recorded with a great grand piano player and violins.  I highly recommend it.

A Songwriter's Analysis of "Joy To The World!" by John Bennett

Joy to the World, the Savior reigns! The Bible tells us that when Jesus returns after the Tribulation He will rule over all the nations of the whole World.

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Joy To The World! originally title The Messiah's Coming and Kingdom was written by Isaac Watts in 1719. His words were inspired by Psalm 98 in the Bible and is actually a song collaboration of over 100 years. The music was adapted by Lowell Mason... 


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Whoever can come up with a better line at the end of song and I accept it will be credited with half of the song rights.  Currently it is:  In a Son Kind of way.

Come play your original songs on stage

Come play your original songs on stage

Would make a great Palm Sunday song

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Jesus' entrance into Jerulsalem on a donkey.

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