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Author: Richard Schletty
To Amy: I sure wish you could find that song "Oh, Mama, I want to live!" It sounds like a good one. Please tell us of you track it down.
Author: Richard Schletty
Re: "Gently, she carries her babe in her arms..." I wish I could find that song, too. It sounds very nice. Let us know if you track it down.
Author: Richard (not verified)
Dear sir: As stated in our FAQ, this site is not a forum for Catholic apologetics. It is a site for Catholic music discovery. There are many sites where you can discover the Biblical, historical and logical reasons why Catholics believe as they do. Perhaps there are words in this article that will help you: "A Big Heart Open to God," September 30, 2013, by Antonio Spadaro, S.J. – The exclusive interview with Pope Francis. Here is an excerpt from the above article: Pope Francis said: "A...
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Oh mary my mother, of thee do I sing In all my afflictions I hasten to thee Thy heart is so gentle, so loving, so mild Thou cans't not reject thy suppliant child. My grandma sang it too
Author: Glad (not verified)
Hey im looking for the gospel song were it goes like this... "Hail mary , queen of flowers to you we offer our love song.........." I remember singing it when i was a kid at my school.. It was sung by a lady and a man (duet) i believe the man singing it was MAnny lapingcao..
Author: Katie (not verified)
PLEASE HELP! There is a song I am looking for and it goes "Gently, she carries, her babe in her arms Holding, pure light and love .... She was told, she would be ......" That's all I can remember but its about how Mary held Jesus after he was taken off the cross." It's really incredible and it would mean the world if I could find it.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I am looking for lyrics for a song one of my clients (I'm a home care provider) would like me to find to play at her funeral. She thinks the name of it is 'Oh My Blessed Mother Mary' It was played at a Polska Mass at St. Agatha's in St. Louis.
Author: jennifer (not verified)
The words of the Hymn to Our Lady "O Mary, My Mother So Tender" is so beautiful - would you know where I may find the keyboard/sheet music for this please?? Many thanks
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
thanks for putting the advent song up. I would love to sing this song or have this but there is no chorus or music to it.
Author: John (not verified)
entering hymn, offertory hymn, communion song hymn, final hymn
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Could it be Mary Did you Know.
Author: Rex (not verified)
Songs about Mary has always got some special elements that can go directly in to our heart. I used to find some rare collections here but the disappointing fact is that I couldn’t download any. It would be so nice if you share this facility for the visitors. Windows 7 helpdesk
Author: Amy3001 (not verified)
This is one of my favorite sites which I regularly visit. I love listening to the Christian devotional songs that I get from your site. Top Ten Mary songs were just fantastic. Thanks for sharing the songs. Please keep posting.
Author: cliveey (not verified)
What about people like me? Do you not think that you should respond to the Gospel call and bring good news to people like myself? I am 62 and have been clearly gay since the age of 8. Is the good new only for Pharisees and oh so wonderful virtuous people who have the luck to be born hetro? Am i the modern day Samaritan? Please don't come up with simplistic answers. I am a normally functional sexual adult. I need love and affection like anyone else. I have female friends and that is all they are...
Author: Kanedader (not verified)
Thanks a lot for the songs. My cousin’s marriage has been planned and I exactly didn’t know how to surprise him. I think this is the best idea. These are all great songs that highlight the Sacrament of Matrimony. Thanks a lot.
Author: Zeneith (not verified)
We are already into our second week of Advent, with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception before us, as well as the Solemnity of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And Christmas is merely weeks away. Are you aware that TopCatholicSongs has a number of playlists already available to correspond to your Seasonal needs? And, as is the benefits of these lists, you can immediately link to the iTunes page, where you can listen to the tracks first, and then purchase them--and instantly have them downloaded onto...
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I love the song called 'A SONG TO MARY' but I could not find it in iTunes! Does anyone have the original sound track please.
Author: Evonne (not verified)
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Hail Holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria it's the Salve Regina you can find full lyrics at have a blessed day!
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I am looking for a the words to a song that goes: Hail Mary Queen & throne above ......... Hail Mother of mercy & of love .......... Sing with us sweet seraphim .......... ................. ................. Regina
Author: Peggie Sevem (not verified)
Hey Joel, Alexandra can't find your phone number please email me with it. Thanks, Peggie
Author: Demaemiain (not verified)
poomnepay xaikalitag Dedaidete - iziananatt VigneeSer Oxicailla
Author: (not verified)
How did u acquire the suggestions to create ““World Youth Day - Free Song | Top Catholic Songs”? Many thanks ,Caleb
Author: (not verified)
“Christ is King ! | Top Catholic Songs” was really pleasurable and insightful! Within modern society that is very difficult to execute. Many thanks, Jonathon
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I think the lyrics go: when the rain rushes down and the earth blossoms forth and the wind caresses every tree, I can hear the turtle dove singing all throughout the land of the fair young virgin Mary. I don't remember the title, though.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Is it like this? LIFT UP YOUR HANDS TO GOD - (Singer - Basil Valdez) Life is not all that bad, my friend, hmmm If you believe in yourself If you believe there's Someone Who walks through life without you You'll never be alone Just learn to reach out, And open your heart Lift up your hands to God, And He'll show you the way. And He said, "Cast your burdens upon Me Those who are heavily laden, Come to Me, all of you who are tired Of carrying heavy loads, For the yoke I will give...
Author: Richard Q'zeromen (not verified)
Unborn ButterflyRichard Q'zeromen c. 2013 You're sitting in a room looking at the wallpaperand the water from the ceilin' is fallin' down like rainand Its insaneIts insane You've got your hand on your belly and thinkin' of the unborn childand the water from your body is about to breakand Its insaneIts insane In the womb of a woman, God, plants seedsIn the womb of a woman, God, will bleed You're sitting in a room and wondering what its all aboutand its nothin' that a pen can ever cross out Its...
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I am looking for a song The Guardian of Mary sung by the Josephites. Thank You
Author: Tanesha (not verified)
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Author: Anonymous (not verified)
do anyone know a song that starts with mary , mary , : my child was singing it a our nativity and also let your love shine down over the fields over the valleys ????