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Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I heard it sung by him also back when i was still in my elementary years. Been looking for the lyrics in the internet.. and found this link.. it's a really beautiful song i believe he's the one who composed it also.
Author: Valerie (not verified)
These are wonderful suggestions, everyone! Thank you. Yes, I will sing it at our church when we also sing Word Three from "The Seven Last Words of Christ". Very powerful, but I wanted my piece to be much simpler. I need the sheet music, if at all possible. Sorry I didn't give more details. Perhaps something could be spliced with the original hymn (English translation)? I don't know. I love the idea of showing both aspects of Stabat Mater. Thank you for the ideas. I really appreciate the time...
Author: Richard Schletty
Hello, Dan! Great to hear from you. That is truly amazing about your church in the United Arab Emirates being one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world. You are one of the first contributors to the new TCS forum which I set up last week. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. In fact, I had thought about song uploads. I will look for a Drupal CMS module which not only uploads MP3 files but allows the artist to create a profile page for managing their music and...
Author: SpiritN3D
This comment has been promoted to a Forum Topic here. Hello Richard, this is Dan of SpiritN3D, living and working in Dubai, UAE. Although the UAE is in the Middle East and is 98% Muslim, would you believe one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world is located here?? That's right...Saint Mary's. There are approximately 250,000 parishoners attending mass each weekend. 30 masses every weekend starting on Friday morning through Sunday evening!!. Just wanted to say that I like your site. As a...
Author: Richard Schletty
Daystar Shine Down On Me might be the song you are looking for. However, I can't figure out where "Mary, Mary" came from. Daystar Shine Down On Me Lily of the Valley, let your sweet aroma fill my life Rose of Sharon show me how to grow in beauty in God's sight Fairest of ten thousand make me a reflection of your light Daystar shine down on me let your love shine through me in the night Lead me Lord, I'll follow. Anywhere you open up the door Let your word speak to me, show me what I've...
Author: Richard Schletty
I've approached songs different ways, sometimes starting with a poem scratched on paper, sometimes starting with an instrumental track someone gave me. I have co-written, too, helping someone improve their lyrics or add verses. Sometimes the words rhyme. The stanzas normally rhyme, but you can do free verse, too. Important thing is the meter and flow. Do the words flow easily from your lips to the ear of the listener? Are you stressing the syllables correctly? That's especially important in...
Author: Richard Schletty
Traditional Lenten hymns – which ones are your favorites? On 2/19/2014 Nick Alexander wrote to members of three Catholic songwriter groups: I am getting input from those who love traditional music as to what their favorite Lenten hymns may be. I have scoured through all the hymnals I have access to and listed all those which fit the Lenten theme. It is a considerable list – 129 in all. These hymns are so rich in poetry and theology, some written by Saints, some written by the...
Author: Ricardo Lardo
Maybe more photos and videos. The site is text heavy.
Author: Richard Schletty
Author: Richard Schletty
Lyrics for "Take Up Our Cross" by Sarah Hart, Curtis Stephan, Curtis Stephan, Sarah Hart, Marc Byrd 1. Behold the wood that bears our name; behold the nails that hold our sin. The tree from which salvation blooms; the death by which we're born again. Refrain We take up our cross and follow him; we lay down our lives that we might live. We carry the hope of Christ within; we take up our cross and follow him. 2. We embrace the sacrifice, and walk...
Author: Richard Schletty
Good point, Nick. There are sheet music services that offer music scores in several different key transpositions. I think Valerie wants a more contemporary setting that is in English. It needs to reflect the sorrow of Mother Mary at the foot of the cross. I believe she wants to be able to sing it at a church service. I found a beautiful song called "The Most of All" written by Sophie Riccio Kozak, sung by Katy Feeney. It can be used for Christmas or Stations of the Cross. http://www....
Author: Nick (not verified)
Hi Valerie, I'm confused. Do you need a recording, or do you need music notation? And could the Stabat Mater have it's key lowered to accommodate you?
Author: Richard Schletty
Hi, Valerie. I have asked our topcatholicsongs group if they have any suggestions. I hope we can come up with some suggestions!
Author: songsify (not verified)
I just came across your blog and reading your beautiful words. I thought I would leave my first comment but I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
Author: Valerie (not verified)
Hi there. I am looking for a non-classical, non-Latin version of Stabat Mater or another song that reflects Mary's sorrow at the Cross. Basically, I don't want to do any of the traditional ones because they're a bit out of my range. Does anyone know of such a song? I have found a couple, but nothing I am particularly attached to. I need it in the next few weeks, if possible. Thank you.
Author: R. Schletty (not verified)
I liked Tony at Facebook, plus sent a bunch of Like invites to my likeable friends. That's the way it's done – friend to friend to friend.
Author: Richard Schletty
To Amy: I sure wish you could find that song "Oh, Mama, I want to live!" It sounds like a good one. Please tell us of you track it down.
Author: Richard Schletty
Re: "Gently, she carries her babe in her arms..." I wish I could find that song, too. It sounds very nice. Let us know if you track it down.
Author: Richard (not verified)
Dear sir: As stated in our FAQ, this site is not a forum for Catholic apologetics. It is a site for Catholic music discovery. There are many sites where you can discover the Biblical, historical and logical reasons why Catholics believe as they do. Perhaps there are words in this article that will help you: "A Big Heart Open to God," September 30, 2013, by Antonio Spadaro, S.J. – The exclusive interview with Pope Francis. Here is an excerpt from the above article: Pope Francis said: "A...
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Oh mary my mother, of thee do I sing In all my afflictions I hasten to thee Thy heart is so gentle, so loving, so mild Thou cans't not reject thy suppliant child. My grandma sang it too
Author: Glad (not verified)
Hey im looking for the gospel song were it goes like this... "Hail mary , queen of flowers to you we offer our love song.........." I remember singing it when i was a kid at my school.. It was sung by a lady and a man (duet) i believe the man singing it was MAnny lapingcao..
Author: Katie (not verified)
PLEASE HELP! There is a song I am looking for and it goes "Gently, she carries, her babe in her arms Holding, pure light and love .... She was told, she would be ......" That's all I can remember but its about how Mary held Jesus after he was taken off the cross." It's really incredible and it would mean the world if I could find it.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I am looking for lyrics for a song one of my clients (I'm a home care provider) would like me to find to play at her funeral. She thinks the name of it is 'Oh My Blessed Mother Mary' It was played at a Polska Mass at St. Agatha's in St. Louis.
Author: jennifer (not verified)
The words of the Hymn to Our Lady "O Mary, My Mother So Tender" is so beautiful - would you know where I may find the keyboard/sheet music for this please?? Many thanks
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
thanks for putting the advent song up. I would love to sing this song or have this but there is no chorus or music to it.
Author: John (not verified)
entering hymn, offertory hymn, communion song hymn, final hymn
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Could it be Mary Did you Know.
Author: Rex (not verified)
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Author: Amy3001 (not verified)
This is one of my favorite sites which I regularly visit. I love listening to the Christian devotional songs that I get from your site. Top Ten Mary songs were just fantastic. Thanks for sharing the songs. Please keep posting.
Author: cliveey (not verified)
What about people like me? Do you not think that you should respond to the Gospel call and bring good news to people like myself? I am 62 and have been clearly gay since the age of 8. Is the good new only for Pharisees and oh so wonderful virtuous people who have the luck to be born hetro? Am i the modern day Samaritan? Please don't come up with simplistic answers. I am a normally functional sexual adult. I need love and affection like anyone else. I have female friends and that is all they are...