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Author: Anonymous (not verified)
do anyone know a song that starts with mary , mary , : my child was singing it a our nativity and also let your love shine down over the fields over the valleys ????
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Author: Yvette (not verified)
Hello, my question is this. I'm looking for the lyrics to this one song and I know the title called "queen of heaven" I don't know who wrote it but I sang it in college. It start off going " queen of heaven blessed may thou be for godes son Bourne hewas of thee" I really like it but I don't see anyone actually singing it and I believe it is a catholic song. Why is that?
Author: southern soul (not verified)
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Author: Kathy (not verified)
I am looking for a song that was sung at my wedding day to the Blessed Mother. I thought it was called the Magnificant. However when I see the verses they don't look right. Here is part of the song As the rain rushes down and the earth blossums forth I can hear all throughout the land of the fair young virgin mary. I could have missed a few words.
Author: Ron (not verified)
You Are Near Yahweh, I know you are near, standing always at my side. You guard me from the foe, and you lead me in ways everlasting. Lord, you have searched my heart, and you know when I sit and when I stand. Your hand is upon me protecting me from death, keeping me from harm. Where can I run from Your love? If I climb to the heavens You are there; If I fly to the sunrise or sail beyond the sea, still I'd find You there. You know my heart and its ways, you who formed me before I was born...
Author: Karen Thompson (not verified)
Since we are listing Catholic songs, the list should include music that could actually be used at Mass. Two extremely obvious choices are David Haas' "We Choose Life" and "Before I Was Born." Both songs are scriptural, well-written and they are available through GIA Publications in Chicago. I have used them for every Respect Life liturgy for the past decade.
Author: ksowder (not verified)
We used to sing that in church when I was a child and it always comforted me so much. In my memory the second line was "in all my afflictions, I hasten to thee". Hope this helps. The closest I could find is this: O Mary, My Mother So TenderO Mary, my Mother so tender, so sweet, In all my afflictions, I run to thy feet; Thy heart is so gentle, so loving, so mild, Thou canst not reject thy poor suppliant child. O holy Mary, let me come, Soon to be happy with thee in thy home. O Mary, my Mother, I...
Author: Stephen DeCesare
I have Divine Mercy songs and a Divine Mercy Mass that for the past two years have been performed on EWTN at Stockbridge MA at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on the Feast of Divine Mercy as well as a Faustina Musical. Links to the songs are here:1)  2)  3) 
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
You are Near No 619 Glory and Praise
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Hi. I'm searching for a recording of AS THE RAIN RUSHES DOWN. This is a version of the Magnificat and I do have the lyrics but have forgotten the tune. If anyone can send me an MP3 or a link to where I can hear it, I'd be so grateful. I want to teach it to our choir. Thanks! Happy Easter! Gem
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Author: Dave (not verified)
My favorite two pro-life songs are Blue Eyes Like Janeys by David Huff and Lucy by Skillet. Blue Eyes Like Janey's: We were so young, and only playin' around. I was ready for adventure, not for settling down. So when Janey told me she was pregnant, and that she wanted to be my wife, I said, "Wait a minute Janey. We're only seventeen. We're just starting out our young lives. Let's keep our heads together, girl. Let's look at all of the options." But we both knew what the choices were: There...
Author: Elias Lobo (not verified)
Please send me the link
Author: Fred Horgan (not verified)
I'm not a cantor but I love to make a joy-filled noise to the Lord ... I listen to Gospel music quite a bit ... and find it most uplifting. A long time ago I learned from my Mom that we were not created wretches and so learned the alternate words and sang (maybe "croaned" would be a more illustrative and entirely made up alternative) them to my children and now to my granddaughter. My children are now both cantors (LOL) so I guess the alternative words did them no harm ... but I agree the...
Author: emenu chioma okpala (not verified)
please teach me divine mercy prayer,i love it but don't know it.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I am looking for a country song, probably at least 8-10 years old or more. It was written by a female country artist, and a male country singer was so taken that either he asked her or he added a second verse. The original was sung as if Mary singing, wondering if she had known would she have said yes. The added verse by the male artist was song from Joseph's perspective. I know it's not Breath of Heaven, but it had some words similar to breath on me, of breath of God or something like...
Author: doris (not verified)
We all need to be immersed in good songs to remember Jesus who loved us so much that he should suffer and die for us!
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
One of my favorite Mary songs is commonly known at the Scottish Magnficant. It's very singable by the gathered community, or in the quiet of vespers of eucharistic adoration. I found one clip on YouTube (not the best recording, but it's the love that counts!)
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I would add what is commonly known at the Scottish Magnificant. It's a very singable song by the gathered community and also in the quiet of vespers or Eucharistic Adoration. I found this clip on You Tube.
Author: Chavez, Geraldine L. (not verified)
i love catholic songs..hope i can listen more.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Here's an article explaining why the hymns with "Yahweh" in them have been changed.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Do you know the lyrics written by a Jesuit to the tune of Lo How a rose E'er Blooming which begins Hail Mary more than telling thou art most full of grace?
Author: Eric (not verified)
Tim Tebow's iPod Christmas Playlist Was wondering what Tim Tebow's iPod might be playing during this Christmas season.
Author: michie (not verified)
Please Help... i don't know what is the title of this song because i just listened it on the radio... here's the lyrics: Maria, oh most beautiful one we honor you today , to you we've come to pray Oh Maria, oh beautiful one Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
Author: Tanja Cilia (not verified)
The voice of Elizabeth Schmeidler is uniquely beautiful; and she chooses to share it with us in the service of the Lord.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I love that song. But idk why they chaned it from Yaweh to O lord. i liked the old version better!
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
It's called "You Are Near" by Dan Schutte in our OCP Music Issue and I just sang it this past Sunday :) but you're right, the word "Yahweh" has been replaced with "O Lord". Refrain: O Lord, I know you are near, standing always at my side. You guard me from the foe, and you lead me in ways everlasting. 1. Lord, you have searched my heart, and you know when I sit and when I stand. Your hand is upon me protecting me from death, keeping me from harm. 2. Where can I run from Your love? If I...