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Author: Anonymous (not verified)
We recently posted this pro life song.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
We just recently posted this pro-life song at ChristianFamilyTube. We hope you enjoy it.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
"There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney "The Call" by Matt Kennon "God Don't Make Mistakes" by Jamie O'Neil
Author: Priscilla (not verified)
Jesus Christ is marvelleous. He has the power to heal one's heart. By adoring him with one's true heart, one can feel his presence and it feels so good, that one can feel at peace, able to face life's difficulties with a smile. His strength is ours.
Author: monica donoso (not verified)
pls let me download the catholic songs
Author: michaela (not verified)
Hi im wondering if anyone can help with finding the right music for my wedding. i really want an acoustic version of: One bread, one body (j.Foley) Come as you are or at least instrumental copies thanks guys michaela
Author: Pro Life Song (not verified)
Here's another great one called "You Are There"
Author: Pro Life Song (not verified)
Here's another great one called "You Are There"
Author: dido (not verified)
Very good post, thanks a lot.
Author: Tracey (not verified)
Curse Of Blood --- I just heard this amazing pro-life song by A.W.E. band called "Curse of Blood." Powerful powerful song .. really struck a chord in my heart!!! ... was this song referenced on Hannity? I don't think it's hit the radio yet... I read the band's notes on this, and it was actually based on Sarah Palin's son Trig... pretty neat stuff. Check it out!
Author: RJ (not verified)
Watch the "Angels to the Rescue" music video at
Author: RJ (not verified)
Watch the music video of "ANGELS TO THE RESCUE" at
Author: Harry P. Singleton (not verified)
I invite all members to listen to: Song of Penance on
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
The "Angels to the Rescue" music video on YouTube is way awesome and inspiring! Thanks JORDAN SAX!
Author: Nick A (not verified)
I also like George Misulia's Philippians 2, aka Jesus You Are Lord. It's not on iTunes, though.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Sammy Blaze, the 2008 recipient of the Hip Hop album of the year has his album on ITunes. as does the nominees M.A.S Righteous B
Author: Jim O'Meara (not verified)
Greetings! Recently I posted the All Saints' Song List to my new podcast, "The Souls in Purgatory Project" website ( This is a new podcast dedicated to promoting prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. By the way, I wanted to say thank you to Nick Alexander and everyone involved in TopCatholicSongs. This is an excellent way to help promote Catholic music, but especially the Message in the Music. God bless!
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
During Eucharistic Adoration on the shore of the Sea of Galilee a few weeks ago....I was thanking and praising God for such an awesome sight.... such a blessing to be on this pilgrimage..... but much more.... our priest talked about freedom..... and it hit me more deeply than ever.... the depth of sacrifice Jesus gave and endured for MY FREEDOM!!! Hallelujah.... My Father....for giving us Your Son!!! In Christ....annie karto
Author: Chris Holder (not verified)
Great mix of songs... thanks so much for posting... I especially love the Will of Titus song called "His Armor"
Author: Amanda (not verified)
We used to sing that song at primary school. I was searching for the words in Google when I came across this website. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the song.
Author: Dulce (not verified)
I just want to ask if you know the title of the songs with the lyrics: Mary Queen of Angels and the stars above the light to shine our way from the darkness of the night Mary you're the one to whom we give our hearts Teach us to pray and to speak our parts You're the queen of the universe you're the shoulder of all creatures of the world You're the woman of all the earth oh loving mother pray for us
Author: Gerard (not verified)
Nick, Thanks for including my song, "When He Calls" in this list. That song was written almost 2 years ago to the day. My Aunt Nita, mom's last remaining sister, died 2 years ago Monday. I sang at her funeral, along with our cousin's husband, Troy McManus. Well, 2 weeks after her funeral, Troy passed away. The night he died, I guess the death of my aunt was so fresh that I was overwhelmed with grief and questions. I started playing my guitar and was practicing "Go Rest High On That...
Author: Nick Alexander
Did you click on the Mary link? Therein contains all our Marian entries, including our own Top Ten list... Nick Alexander
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please send me a website for Marian songs
Author: MelSoulTree (not verified)
Nick Alexander, Thank you for adding my song "This Body is a Temple" to your wonderful list of songs. God bless you. Musically yours, MelSoulTree
Author: Norman Alston (not verified)
Hi I enjoyed myself at the San Diego Witness conference. I was passed the CD Witness and the song that touched me was Father We Stand. At the conference the booklet didn't have any lyrics in it. Is it possible that you could provide the lyrics for me? Thanks and God Bless
Author: Metrey (not verified)
To download the song of Receive the power, use this link: Download song (Receive the power - WYD) Hope you get it.
Author: Metrey (not verified)
To download the song of Receive the power, use this link: Download song (Receive the power - WYD) Hope you get it.
Author: George (not verified)
Not a bad list. Ava Maria is an all-time fave.
Author: joanne muscat (not verified)
Wanting to download song