Free Pentecost hymn with polyphony by Victoria, with practice video and audio files

I received this email message from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed ( – R. Schletty

Stunning Hymn With 3-Voice Polypony You Will Want To Sing For Pentecost
published 11 May 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski

OVER THE YEARS, I have learned it's better to do something simple really well than to attempt something hard, only to crash & burn. Pope Pius XII said something similar in 1958: “In general it is better to do something well on a small scale than to attempt something elaborate without sufficient resources to do it properly.”

Here's a piece you might want to do for Pentecost:

PDF Dowload • HYMN FOR PENTECOST (with Polyphony by T. L. de Victoria)

To accompany the hymn sections, organists can use this.

Go here to download score and individual voice practice audio files: Pentecost Hymn with 3-Voice Polyphony (Victoria)

By the way, in grad school, they told a story about Tomás Luis de Victoria, who may have studied with Palestrina. According to the story, Palestrina was jealous of Victoria’s first drafts—and it’s not hard to see why.


Beautiful Blessed Hymn


I listened to this several times yesterday. I might be over-reacting here but I don't believe I have ever heard anything as beautiful as this. It had a strange effect on me, I cannot quite explain it. Thank you for posting it. Such a Blessing.

Many regards,


To God, Glory; to man, none.

This may be sung by my own choir on Pentecost next Sunday!

My choir director is quite impressed with this piece. Here is what she wrote:

"Thanks, Richard.  I was not familiar with this motet, and we may use it. We do have a not insignificant repertory of polyphonic motets, and a few we have for Pentecost, but not of Victoria, and not with the chorale alternatum.  Ostrowski is an interesting fellow, worth listening to. We may in fact try this Victoria motet/hymn arrangement Sunday, depending on the choir's energy at rehearsal.  I'm sending it to them - something fresh for the end of season.  So I appreciate having it."

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