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Author: David Burke (not verified)
I have a lovely Divine Mercy song that tells the story of Divine Mercy. This composition was chosen as the theme song for a special devotional Mary Our Mother Foundation CD project involving The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy. To hear this song, log on to my musical's website, The Wonders of His Love, click the poster and go to the AUDIO page, scroll to the bottom, and click "complete" under My Divine Mercy. Hope you like it!
Author: David Burke (not verified)
I have a really unique pro life song. It's a conversation between an angel and unborn children. The angel tells the children about God and earth. The children want to see the world, and they want to know about reaching heaven. Hope you like the song! Here's the website, which features the composition as a music video: Thanks!
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
We sang it at school but I can only remember the first verse... A tree stands alone upon Calvery Hill As a witness in ages to come Of darkness, despair and of one who must die The Saviour, The Almighty's Son.
Author: Brian Sullivan (not verified)
Little Ones by Phil Keaggy from Ph'lip Side".
Author: Nancy Krebs (not verified)
Dear Nick, Thanks so much for posting an 'exceptional list' of Divine Mercy Songs. They are all so varied, yet speak to the theme of this Feast. Thanks again! Nancy <
Author: Karin Williams (not verified)
I just bought your i-mix on i-tunes. I really like the mix, esp, Dan Schutte's "Holy Darkness" and "Glory in the Cross". Thanks for your choices.. God Bless --Karin
Author: bj (not verified)
By His Wounds sung by Steven Curtis Chapman, Brian Littrell, Mac Powell and Mark Hall
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I can still hear in my heart the songs of the May processions from my parish in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn - St. Mark's (circa mid-50s). Just the memory of the fragrant carnation bouquets, each with it's colored ribbons to match our pastel Easter dresses or gowns. The garland of flowers headpiece with those same matching ribbons and silvery glitter. The line up - we looked lovely. We really did - two by two we marched: the pinks, yellows, blues, and in later years - mints and lavenders. The...
Author: Paul Walters (not verified)
I remember seeing something from saying that the lyrics "Saved a wretch like me" are not a reflection of Catholic Teaching on the condition of our souls. Don't remember much more about it. Maybe you could search their archives if you feel so moved. As for the Gender neutral language, If we understand that "man" means all of humanity, there should be no problem leaving it where it is. We have several people in our parish, including the cantor, who insist on the gender neutral even in...
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Running with Eyes Closed by Critical Mass
Author: Pauli (not verified)
Nick Cannon, "Can I live". Hands down.
Author: Gerard (not verified)
> What's that song which starts off as " a tree stands alone upon Calvary hill..."? Are you thinking of "The Old Rugged Cross"? On a hill, far away, stood an old rugged cross the emblem of suffering and shame... If not, I'm not sure. Gerard
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
What's that song which starts off as " a tree stands alone upon Calvary hill..."?
Author: Dave from Critical Mass (not verified)
Another great Steve Taylor song is Baby Doe from the Meltdown album. Steve is my favorite songwriter and greatly influences the lyrics in the Critical Mass albums. I also have interviewed this artist and he has great respect for Catholics and the Catholic church. Just FYI... Check out for the interview
Author: Gretchen Harris (not verified)
"THIS IS MY BODY," written by Dana, is a favorite pro-life song of many. It was an honor for me to sing on the recording and video with Dana and Mark Girardin, who sang the part of Jesus. The song was written at Fr. Frank Pavone's (Priests for Life) urging. He saw how the words "This Is My Body" were used both by the pro-abortionists regarding power over the body, even to the point of killing another, AND by Jesus Christ, exemplifying perfect sacrifice of the body so that others may live. This...
Author: Terry (not verified)
The song "Can You See Me" is very powerful for me. I'm impressed with how well it communicates and challenges without chastising.
Author: Nick Alexander
"I was always a big fan of Taylor's "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good." Catches the other side of the issue. Glad to hear his name bandied about." This was the song that pretty much undid his career... a lot of people failed to see the satirical bent in this song, as if he was actually promoting it. Or, it was an issue too sensitive, too dark, to make a novelty song about. A shame, really, coz it is a good song... but too many pro-lifers I shared it with, retracted with horror when I shared...
Author: M. Swaim (not verified)
I was always a big fan of Taylor's "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good." Catches the other side of the issue. Glad to hear his name bandied about.
Author: Lawrence & DianeMarie Leach (not verified)
About the song: One in a Billion Choices Life is so precious, and we seem to have lost that idea here in our country, and the Lord spoke to my heart sharing that each person is created for a special mission, and each name is given to us by God, he knew us before we were born Jermiah 1:5 © 2004 Author: Lawrence & Diane Marie Leach Pop : Contemporary Christian Refain: You were one in a Billion Choices and God chosen you, so stop look and listen to the beauty of your name Lyrics: As she...
Author: JORDAN SAX (not verified)
LISTEN TO PROVEN LIFE SAVING PRO-LIFE SONG "Angels to the Rescue" (c)2007 GuadalupeMusic/BMI at written/recorded by Sacramento singer/songwriter JORDAN SAX
Author: KyCatholic (not verified)
Very touching!
Author: Katrina Rae (not verified)
Lyrics to MY ADOPTED SON: A lady called to say, a baby boy was on his way But his mama was so young she couldn't keep him. And the reason why she phoned was to find the child a home. It didn't take us very long to say, "We'll take him." A gift from heaven we had long been praying for. And that's the way that you become our little boy. You're neither flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone But still somehow, you are my own. You did not grow within my womb. The good Lord sent you from above. And I do...
Author: Katrina Rae (not verified)
My song, MY ADOPTED SON, is so dear to my heart. John and I had two children and had miscarried five when we made a decision to adopt while still trying to have another child naturally. We were told that the wait was well over four years and since we already had a boy and a girl we probably would not be selected for adoption. We did the home study and signed the final papers. During the course of the home study we decided that we could take any child under five years of age and with most...
Author: Gerard (not verified)
Woohoo! I was able to play and sing this song last Sunday at St. Francis in Brookhaven, the place where I was inspired to write it! It was an emotional day. Our beloved pastor, Fr. Patrick Noonan, is retiring. There were 2 bishops and many priests and a church full of people there to celebrate with him. The regular musicians (who are anything BUT regular -- great job guys!) played and sang for about half an hour before the service started and then provided the music during the service. (...
Author: Jim O'Meara (not verified)
Just wanted to let you know that my end-of-year show for The Catholic Music Express features the Top 10 Songs of 2007 here on I also have included news stories and other features to bring 2007 to a close and kick off 2008. Visit the website at! God bless! Jim O'Meara
Author: Natalie Burt (not verified)
I just found out that Crispin also has a nice song called "Guadalupe". It's on iTunes :) Enjoy!
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
As I have commented before, the style and lyrics to this song really move my heart! Susan's voice sounds rich, and the lyrics draw the listener into this beautiful anticipation Mary must have felt....." Come feel my sigh of expectation"..... thank you, Susan for such a tender song....annie
Author: Oliver (not verified)
We have organized a choir group to sing in weekly mass for a local church here in Russia and we are looking for songs for advent . We want to download songs in mp3 or any other format so that we would learn to sing it. Any website you can suggest? I know your group can be of better help. Thanks a lot.
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
Another outstanding Advent Song that is a must is Susan Bailey's "Wait With Me" from her CD, "Wait With Me" Advent of the Promised Son. I find this song prepares my soul for His coming more than any song I have heard for Advent! annie
Author: Tim English (not verified)
I'm used to singing " And we'll guard each one's digniity and save each one's pride." (In the Choral Praise book) The Gather Comprehensive has it "And we'll guard human's dignity and save human's pride". I'm used to singing that also. In the Battle Hymn Of The Republic that part of the verse says "He is sifting out the human hearts before his judgment seat" (At least in the Choral version of the Gather Comprehenisve) Who knows what's in the congregational version. Ever notice how the hymnals...
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