Catholic musicians: Join the TopCatholicSongs chat group (hosted by Yahoo)

TCS Yahoo discussion group

Catholic composers and musicians are invited to join our "TopCatholicSongs" chat group (hosted by Yahoo). Our focuses are contemporary Catholic songwriting, music ministry and artist/band promotion. To join, send an email to: 

Include a brief bio and your reason for joining. 

After joining, take a look at the Welcome files, FAQ's and musician discussions. And then, pass the word on to your musician friends.

For too long, Catholic song artists have gone without proper promotion. Now we take initiative, guided by the Spirit. Top Catholic Songs can help showcase and promote Catholic performing songwriters who are creating new compositions for evangelization, worship, meditation, family values, celebration, social justice and human rights. We also feature bands who bring classic sacred songs to life with artistic, soulful and innovative renditions.

Our private Yahoo group offers ideas and resources for promoting Catholic artists via advertising and social networking. We know artists are looking for effective yet economical ways to expand the reach of their ministry.

To contact us with questions, suggestions or web site issues, send an email to

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