Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down) by Robert Blue

I found a used copy of Hymnal For Young Christians on Amazon and recorded the refrain and all 5 verses of "Magnificat" by Robert Blue. I also located online and ordered an original vinyl copy of the album "Run, Come, See" by Robert Blue which has "Magnificat" on it. My interpretation of the hymnal sheet music may be different than the recorded version. We will see! Comments welcome. More about this song here.

MAGNIFICAT (Luke 1:46-55)

       E           C#m
As the rain rushes down
        F#m            B
And the earth blossoms forth
        E             C#m   F#m  B
And the wind caresses every tree
        E               C#m
You can hear the turtle dove
        F#m                B
Singing all throughout the land
       E           B       E
Of the fair, young Virgin  Mary.

                 F#m      B            E  
  My heart sings out with praise of my Lord.
C#m          F#m       B      E     
   My soul rejoices in God my Savior
           C#m                     F# 
For he has looked upon his servant tenderly,
F#m           B  
humble as she is.  REFRAIN

From this day forth all people who will ever be
Shall call me lovely and the happiest of women!
For my Lord, the One who can do all things
Has treated me wondrously!  REFRAIN

His name is holy, and His mercy without fail;
It rests on those who fear Him in all generations.
And the deeds of his own right arm
Show forth His strength!  REFRAIN

And he has scattered the proud
And pulled the mighty from their throne,
But the humble He has held and lifted high!
The hungry He fills with wondrous things,
The rich he sends empty away.  REFRAIN

Yes, he has helped Israel His Child;
He has not forgot His Promise to our fathers;
His promise of mercy to Abraham
And his children's children forever!  REFRAIN

composer: Robert Blue. ©1966-67 F.E.L. Publications

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