Blue Gospel Soul

Blue Gospel Soul  is my third album that came out today online.

It was recorded between 10-12mo ago so it will still reflect some of my old bad habits in producing (I was using audacity at the time which  has its limits, and I was still recording guitar first and winging it at the drums which I no longer do). I otherwise had a lot of fun making this album, it was very guitar oriented with a lot of blues-rock influence. A little rough around the edges at times, production wise, but I'm happy with it overall. 

Of particular interest for Catholics, there is a song at the end called "Purgatory Blues", which is written from the perspective of a guy who just made it to purgatory with an overal poor understanding of what's going on, but in general happy he made it. It works as an apologetic piece for what purgatory is.  Another son is "Awesome Power" of Love. It comes off as a potentially secular song, but it is actually about natural family planning. When taking this into account, it has a much deeper meaning. 

"Authentic Love" and "Love So Closely" are about family/married life which for me is living out my faith, so they may not have references to God in them, but for me they are very much about faith in action. 

The rest of the songs explain themselves as they go.
Hope you all enjoy it, 
God Bless, 


Great stuff!

I enjoyed this a lot. I've listened to enough stuff of yours that now I'm familiar with your "sound" and this is definitely quintessential BAL. You complained about the production etc but I found it decent. I assumed it was newer than it is (although I did recall you mentioning this was coming) and was thinking "wow he's getting his craft down". I did first get this from Spotify (was top of my release radar playlist today) and saw this post after so I lacked that context - perhaps perception is key. Anyway, congrats on this new release, sir! Applause. :-) 

Thank you

Thanks and glad you enjoyed it. 
I actually have your tunes up on spotify right now, my toddler has been dancing to the  Praise to the New Eve Guadalupe mix. 
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