As our dear spouse

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You O Lord know us personally - More than anyone could possibly You intercede for us to our Father- as your dear sisters & brothers
You’ve done and do everything- that you could to show us your love You give yourself to us intimately -as our dear spouse and closest friend
You gave up your life for us - no greater love that you could give And by your death, we now can live - fully in freedom as children of God
through your Church, you feed us - with your word and eucharisticly You strengthen and admonish us - to live like you as light for all to see
You tell us many have left you - as I once did in my youth But through your friends brought me back to you
We long for them to return to you - and know your love and mercy as we follow you you lead us to - those whom we need to befriend
* He who hears you hears me - he who befriends you befriends me
The more you become like me - your dear friends you’ll bring to me.
Take up your cross and follow me - and help your friend carry his patiently
And as you share each other’s cross - you’ll both know my divine
love *
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