Sacred Heart

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O Jesus - human love divine
You turned water into wine
O Transform our broken hearts
Unto hearts like yours divine

You trusted with childlike simplicity
Your Father wholeheartedly       
O Jesus meek and humble of heart
Transform our hearts like unto thine

With your whole heart, soul, and mind
You loved your Father divine
And with your human will
At times you struggled to do his will

We also struggle at times
To know and do his  will divine
Help us in these dark times
To see and do his will divine
You made your sacred heart
The universal symbol of love  -  For each one of us
In this symbol of your sacrifice
You offer yourself wholeheartedly
Body, blood,  soul, and divinity
As our great high priest unceasingly

Your wounded heart cries out to us
Seek and give my merciful love
Love your enemies as I did
I died for you and them - Father forgive


Your heart image of the Fathers
You are one - the same nature
The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Reflects your heart - most holy

To you, Lord Jesus, glory be,
who from your heart pour forth all grace,
with God the Father, ever blest
and loving Spirit, ever one. Amen.

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