Singing Our Faith, Second Edition: a resource for faith formation

From GIA Publications:

Singing Our Faith—Second Edition

A comprehensive resource designed to aid all who prepare children for liturgy, and liturgy for children.

Hymnal: Singing Our Faith–Second Edition is an exciting mix of great music, diverse styles, and broad scope—the ultimate resource for young people, kindergarten through eighth grade. Singing Our Faith is truly a book kids can grow with—not out of—on their journey to be full participants in Sunday worship.

Leader's/Catechist's Manual: The Leader/Catechist Manual provides a wealth of information on sound liturgical principles by leading experts on liturgies with children. Noted pastoral musicians offer insights on working with the child’s voice and forming children for music ministry.

Also available: Cantor/Guitar Edition, C Instrument Edition, 9–CD Disc Set and Keyboard Accompaniment Edition.

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