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I am in 2 choirs and I pull together all of the music.  Most of the other choir members need help getting music together so I scan in hard copies, and enlarge the music so that they can see it.  Instead of scanning the books if I can find it online it will be a big help.

I am Catholic and sing in my church choir. Love this form of prayer!

We are a Catholic family band called Simply4Him who believes that music was created to glorify God and to sanctify His people.  We serve in our parish and we are a part of a Catholic Charismatic Community called Couples for Christ. Our children are members of its ministries.  We cannot think of another place to be in order to learn and share not just God's music but everything about our faith. This is home for us!  
We would like to share with you the first album God worked on through our family. It's called 7 Steps (for the seven sacraments in contemporary style of music).  Available in digital stores.  God bless!  
Instagram:  SIMPLY4_HIM
Twitter:  SIMPLY4_HIM

Bob H
I am a singer in my choir and sometimes am asked to select songs for Mass. I could use help at times.

Charles Grayson
I'm a Singer. I want to share my good and bad experience. I can also guide people about promoting their Songs and music. 

Love to sing to the Lord every chance I have in a day 
I would like to listen to Catholic music. 
i am a catholic musician from the philippines. i am a part of the servant communities, a catholic charismatic group in the philippines led by Rev. Fr. Leonardo Polinar. and im exploring the world of catholic music for inspiration for my plans to write some music for my community. 
downloadable Catholic Hymns 
john emmanuel
i am a catholic singer songwriter from belfast, i am hoping to join with other catholic artists to build up the catholic music ministry. 
Alexander John
I recently wrote several Catholic songs and was hoping for some feedback from the lyrics. If they speak to you in some way that would be more than enough reason to write more. GOD Bless. Alex. 
I´m a devoted Christian and I would like to share our songs from our ministery in Brazil. Thank you.
I am most involved with church music and I love the old hymns. 
I just found this website and thought it would be helpful to me as part of our Parish Liturgy team. 
Cecily McNeill
I am a music minister in our parish and our diocese has just purchased a reprint licence with LicenSing Online/OneLicense (627033). We are always looking for ideas for hymns to enliven our liturgies and we also need to be able to download melody lines and lyrics which we understand are free with the reprint licence. 
To be able to access Lyrics and Music for Hymns. Also, liturgical Information with regard to Catholic Music Ministry. 
I hope to listen to new & contemporary Catholic music. I have been listening to the Family Life Christian stations, but they are not Catholic, and even though I like much of the music, I 'm not a fan of some of their programs. Some Catholic radio stations that I have tried to listen to in the past just talk too much, and I have never heard music on these radio stations written before 1900. I do love John Michael Talbot, Michael Card (NEVER hear them on Family Life...
To create music CD for prayer group 
Like Christian music. 
I am an active member of Christ the King Church in Corpus Christi, Texas,  I am involved in the Music ministry at church and provide music for Bible and music ministry at our local Juvenile Detention Center and I am always looking for music resources, inpiration and ideas wherever I can find them. 
Share songs. 
icommunication is important 
I'm a Catholic and I would like to listen to Catholic songs 
Am interested in catholic music and i want to learn so that i can start composing my own songs

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