Learning Light

1st Verse:
I've cried so many tears that the river is full
But got back up and tried then got a shiver from the school...
Of the spiritual aspect
I have fruits to give in a lyrical basket...
But I'm just speaking from the heart
And never meaning to take the listener to the dark...
Because we have enough of that in life
But there is one more sort of being tough - the one without a knife...
Or fists
I saw myself in the mist
Poured out my soul in everything I write and ignore the hiss...
If I ever hear it from snakes
But I see too clear these days and realise what is fake...
I hope hope reaches the world
I no longer mope and I know I should have embraced teachers and their words
So now every Sunday from preachers I learn.
Love and life
Must stay bright
Just like the way we pray at night
We also have to stay nice
2nd Verse:
I'm learning from my mistakes as a youth
Turning over new leaves to take away a bit of truth...
Every living thing we can learn from
When life starts giving us stings look for the honey and turn on...
The light inside
So we can be bright in life
Days aren't always sunny but we don't always fight through the night
I've got my sights on new heights
And even though at times I feel I have to write to survive...
I know all I have to do is keep GOD in my heart
Then the fog will clear then next comes this art...
I took the long road
A few left hooks from life made me strong though...
Life gives us big exams to test our patience
But in reality we have all being blessed for ages
Because Jesus is in our hearts and the truth is in the bibles pages.
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