Our God Reigns (Lenny Smith)

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I have been writing praise and worship songs since 1965, among them is the old standard "Our God Reigns." I would love to get more of my recorded songs in circulation. 

Links to the audio and sheet music for "Our God Reigns" are at the bottom of this post. Attachments include arrangements for guitar-piano and for SATB choir. 

I studied for 7 years for the priesthood under the Diocese of Camden, N.J.  I spent my last 4 years at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, Md. It was there in the late 60’s that I started writing liturgical songs.  “The New Jerusalem” was the first song I ever wrote. I taught high school English, Latin, and Religion for the next few years, married the lovely Marian and we had our five wonderful children.  We worked, played ball, camped a lot, and did ballet and church for years.  I played guitar and sang my songs at church and at home with the family.  Marian and I both loved having the kids.  They eventually became known as the band Danielson Famile.  

I did carpentry for about 30 years.  As the kids grew up they all worked with me and learned quite a bit about building.  We had so much fun working together.  Daniel started recording himself and others and eventually recorded me singing some of my songs on my album, “Deep Calls To Deep,” which I love.  I now have about 180 songs.  I started writing songs in the late 60’s for the folk masses we were introducing at the seminary. 

I only have one hit, “Our God Reigns,” but I AM not dead yet!  If I live to be 95, that will give me plenty of time for more hits.

Here are links to other songs I wrote:
New Jerusalem Music – newjerusalemmusic.com/lenny-smith
Great Comfort Records – greatcomfortrecords.com/artists/lenny-smith
BandCamp – lennysmith.bandcamp.com/

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