Download all of Palestrina's works free

From Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

Complete Palestrina Edition • Now Online!
published 14 October 2016 by Jeff Ostrowski

Palestrina • Jaw-Dropping "Kyrie" based on a Hymn
published 18 October 2016 by Jeff Ostrowski

The complete works of Palestrina can be downloaded in PDF format, but the clefs are archaic. I promised to show what can be done with these scores and today I fulfill my promise. They can quickly be placed into SIBELIUS, so the archaic clefs are eliminated. Then your singers can more easily enjoy these treasures, many of which have not been sung for centuries! First let's explore:

   PDF Download • KYRIE "Te Saeculorum" (Palestrina)

Two generous young ladies—currently in high school—helped me record it... Read more by clicking story links above.