Story Behind The Song: Thank You, Jesus

Bob Filoramo has written an exceptional song for Thanksgiving called "Thank You, Jesus," one which the lyrics really speak for themselves. [scroll down to hear song in the iTunes iMix layer]. 

ETA: Bob writes: "Thank You Jesus was written for my brother's wedding. My brother had been through some very difficult times and as I considered how God had rescued him, what he had come through and where he was that day, I could think of nothing else to say but "Thank You Jesus"; hence the refrain: What can we say but thank you Jesus?

We often try real hard to praise God eloquently with lots of words and that's great, but sometimes it hits me that all I need to say is Thank You Jesus for all that you've done for me. That's basically the origin and spirit of the song.


Thank You, Jesus

We are in awe as we behold what You have done.
We stand amazed as we see Your plan unfold.
What can we say, what can we do
To express our gratitude
for revealing Your great power in our lives?

What can we say but "Thank You, Jesus!"
for all that You have done for us?
What can we say but "Thank You, Jesus!"
for all that you have done in our lives?

We once were lost, but now we have been found.
We were dead through our sin but now we live.
Wev'eve been set free by Your blood
By Your precious, saving blood.
Now we're heirs to Heaven, children of God.

We're in Your care and so we do not fear.
Abundant life is all that lies in store;
Life filled with peace, life filled with joy
life that is secure
In the hands of the Almighty, Jesus Christ

Copyright (c) Robert M. Filoramo (ASCAP)