Top Ten Children's Songs

Nick Alexander here... Once again, the Top Catholic Songs Community had banded together to nominate, vote and rank the Top Ten Children's Songs. We had a great time listening to these submissions, and we hope you enjoy the music here as well! 1. Standin' on the Rock by Mike Harrison featuring Greg Walton
Old-time rock and roll exhorting kids to stand firm in their Catholic faith, unified with the Pope and Christ's Church. 2. R.C.I.A. by Nick Alexander
This song shows Catholic children how special their faith is, that people would go to great lengths to enter their church. And, they love the funny hand motions! 3. Tantum Ergo / Adoration by Christ Music Kids
An accessible introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas' Hymn for benediction, with a stirring refrain in English. 4. Your Grace Is Enough by Christ Music Kids
"Remember Your people, remember Your children, remember Your promise, O God!" 5. Saint Michael by Mike Harrison featuring Sal Solo

An energy-filled rendition of the St. Michael prayer that will launch your kids into spiritual battle! 6. I Can Hear the Angels Singing by Celeste Zepponi

"A multitude of holy angels, I can hear them, can you hear? Singing to God eternally!" 7. Bread of Life by Christ Music Kids

It takes a child-like faith to look at the Eucharist and say, "Jesus, You are the Bread of Life." 8. Little Way (St. Therese of Lisieux) by Fr. Kent O'Connor

St. Therese is a favorite saint for many people, including myself. Her "Little Way" is a child-freindly spirituality. 9. Fill Me, O God by Christ Music Kids

"Pour out Your Holy love and reach me O God; Let my heart be Yours." 10. So I Ask by Sean Clive

A song that helps your child say, "God, please help me today... all day... I'm going to need it." Let these songs minister to you and your WHOLE FAMILY!