Beautiful a cappella Gregorian Chant – Benedictines of Mary

[This note came to me from my friend Luiz in Belem, Brazil. - creative admin R. Schletty]

From: Richard at

Dear Friend of the Holy Souls,

Just wished to share with you a wonderful discovery I recently made. These 22 very talented and devoted young women (average age in the convent is 28) in Missouri at the Benedictine Priory of "Our Lady of Ephesus". They sing together about 3 hours a day always a capella - without any instruments.


...can also search for "Benedictines of Mary"

They are very talented singers, and in 2012 they were number one on national billboards in the category of "Classical Traditional Artist" ! Of course they give all the credit to God the Saints and the Angels !

I sit and listen to them as I work on the Purgatory Project each day and hoped you would be as blessed by their singing as I have been.

May God Bless you and keep you in His perfect peace,
Richard to enter your souls living or deceased.