Top Ten Easter Songs


Hallelujah! It is with great excitement that the songs listed by the TopCatholicSongs community as the Top Easter Songs are now to be revealed. These are the songs that have been nominated, listened to, voted and tallied as the top songs representing a true Easter spirit, for entertainment, education and personal edification. Be continually reminded of the tremendous victory of Christ in this most blessed season by making these songs part of the soundtrack of your life.

  1. Lifted Up by Sean Clive
    It is in His death, lifted up above the earth for all to see, even now, that Jesus draws all people to Himself.
  2. Lift Our Hands by Mark Mallett
    The highlight of our concerts, an action song that gets the whole crowd lifting their hands to our risen Lord.
  3. R.C.I.A. by Nick Alexander
    This parody takes the familiar "Y.M.C.A." and spins it so that it celebrates those entering the Church each Easter.
  4. Alleluia, Alleluia by Margo B. Smith
    A celebration of giving praise to our Lord, through the liberal use of the word Alleluia, after the Lenten season.
  5. Somewhere on a Cross by Apostolica
    A personal resurrection, through the sacrifice of Christ.
  6. Glory to God by Sean Clive
    A reverent, contemporary update of the Gloria, which returns in a BIG way following our long Lenten journey.
  7. A Hymn to Him by Valerie Von Fange
    Alleluia! the lowly shall rise, the last shall be first. Alleluia! We'll seek His holiness, let the water soothe our thirst.
  8. Give Thanks to the Lord by John Flynn
    A solemn, contemporary rendering of Psalm 118, used on Easter morning.
  9. How Beautiful by Mel Kennedy
    And as He laid down His life, we offer this sacrifice, that we will live just as He died.
  10. Music of the Light by Lynn Geyer
    We sing to You in the highest praise, Alleluia! / Hear us Lord, this is what we say, Alleluia!

Feel free to check out these tracks, and enrich your life during this incredible season.

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