George Lower's Favorite John Michael Talbot Songs

George Lower writes: By now many of you have heard of the terrible fire that burned much of the common areas of the Little Portion Hermitage in Arkansas. Personally, I felt a deep sadness as the loss the community there has suffered. As a musician and a Christian John Michael Talbot has been a real inspiration for me. His spirituality and his music have provided me with much comfort as I have faced challenges on my own journey. At times like this I ask myself, "What I can do?" First of all, I know that I can pray for the community. Prayer is certainly an important part of dealing with adversity. I know that I can also give thanks because this fire did not result in any loss of life. Buildings can be rebuilt and possessions can be replaced. God did protect his children from physical harm in this instance. However, since I do not possess large financial resources I am trying to do something small to give back to a person and a community who has given much to me. I have selected some of my favorite John Michael Talbot songs and compiled them to an iMix available through iTunes. These songs are ones that have supported and sustained my spirit over the years. I hope that many will choose to listen and download this music in an effort to support John Michael and the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

Note from site admin: The old iTunes iMixes were discontinued by Apple, so George's list was no longer visible or functional. In lieu of George's iMix here is Apple's comprehensive "iTunes Preview" of John Michael Talbot albums and singles:

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