Nick Alexander's Favorite John Michael Talbot Songs

Nick Alexander here... I cannot help but be stunned by the fire that consumed much of the property on John Michael Talbot's Hermitage, in Berryville, Arkansas. I have been a fan of John Michael Talbot's music, ministry and lifestyle for many years, and have been privileged to have visited the Hermitage on more than one occassion. Of all the places I have visited, this place ranks very high in the "most peaceful places on earth". To hear that much of what I had admired... the gardens, the chapel, the very unique design that had the offices and cafeteria... all destroyed by the fire... it is quite unsettling to me. Certainly, they will build again. I pray they do. In light of this, let's support John Michael Talbot by revisiting some of his best songs. I have compiled a list of my thirty favorites--too hard to break into ten--that comprise his career from his earliest days as a guitarist for Mason Proffit, up to his fiftieth album last year. Some of these may not be entirely familiar to you. It is my hope that you come to appreciate the breadth and vastness and truly unique giftedness of John Michael Talbot's music.

Note from site admin: The old iTunes iMixes were discontinued by Apple, so Nick's list was no longer visible or functional. In lieu of Nick's iMix here is Apple's comprehensive "iTunes Preview" of John Michael Talbot albums and singles:

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