Nick Alexander's Favorite Trinity Songs

Here's a list of Trinity songs from my favorite Catholic artists. Each of these songs speaks of God as "The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Each of these songs help give us a greater focus on the importance of recognizing and contemplating the mystery of the Holy Trinity. These include three songs from John Michael Talbot (Greeting, In the Name of God, and Father Make Me Holy), two songs from Lynn Geyer (Glory Be and Trinity... the latter of which was a cover by Celeste Zepponi), ServantSong, Brendan Delumpa, Nancy Krebs, Sal Solo, and yours truly. There were a number of songs we would have like to have included, but they were not on iTunes. "Song of the Cross", which was heard at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, by Susan HooKong-Taylor, closes with a strong Trinitarian praise... but it's not on iTunes. Song of Unity, by Donna Cori Gibson... powerful stuff – but it's not on iTunes. Because We Believe, as covered by Jim Cowan on Behold the Lamb, an Integrity/Renewal release – but it's not on iTunes. Hopefully, these artists will get their music up shortly, for our benefit, and theirs. What are your favorite Trinitarian songs?


I like "You Are the One" by

I like "You Are the One" by Simonetta.

We're singing O GOD ALMIGHTY

We're singing O GOD ALMIGHTY FATHER Sunday night at the 5PM "teen Mass" for Communion followed by THERE IS A REDEEMER by Melody Green Seivfert (sp?).
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