Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) by Katholicus and Catholic Metal artists

Adam Miller of the metal band Katholicus sent admin Richard Schletty info about this groundbreaking project:

Via Crucis is a collaborative project with Catholic Metal artists providing a unique musical setting for the Way of the Cross. The album consists of 14 songs of varying styles of metal from eight Catholic artists. Each song corresponds to one of the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross devotion. The listener will journey with Jesus from His condemnation to His death on the cross to His burial in the tomb. Each song is unique in its style and interpretation of the particular station. In between each song, a stanza of the Stabat Mater is performed in imitation of the traditional devotion of the Way of the Cross. The Stabat Mater is a hymn to the Sorrowful Mother (Mary) and is often sung by stanza between each meditation of the particular event or station of the Way of the Cross.

The contributing Catholic Metal artists on the album:

Katholicus: Infectious power rock/metal with passages of soaring guitars
Cradle Catholic: Latin prayer metal band with gothic and death metal overtones
Last Rites: Progressive thrash metal band with classical music underpinnings
Seven Sorrows: High energy blend of punk and metal
Dave Flitton: Composer and guitarist for Catholic rock band,
Critical Mass: Dedicated to bringing the Good News of Christ to the youth and young-at-heart.
Malchus: Progressive Death metal band from Poland
Divine Blood: Young industrial metal band from Canada
Theandric: Progressive heavy metal. For this project, provided a reflective acoustic track.

The concept of the album was based on the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori on the Way of the Cross. This album is a great companion during Lent or anytime to center oneself to Christ while living in the world. The CD makes a great gift to anyone who loves metal and wants to live life more fully in their faith. This is a great Catholic alternative to secular metal bands.

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