Year of Saint Paul - His Life

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This past June 29, on the Feast Day of St. Peter and St. Paul, Pope Benedict XVI has issued forth a special year in celebration of St. Paul. This is in keeping with the traditional belief that he is celebrating his 2000th anniversary of his birth.

From vespers:

We are therefore gathered here not to reflect on a story from a past that has irrevocably gone. Paul speaks to us - today. That is why I proclaimed this special Pauline Year - to listen to him and to learn from him, as our teacher, ‘faith and truth’, in which are rooted the reasons for unity among the disciples of Christ.

We at TopCatholicSongs feel it is imperative to take this year seriously. Therefore we are going to be focusing upon the life and writings of St. Paul each month, until his feast year has run its course.

The list above is a focus on St. Paul himself--the man, the convert, knocked off his horse en route to Damascus, making a complete 180-degree turn in his life, and focusing intently on spreading the Gospel as far and as wide as He could. One of the great things about St. Paul is that he lived in a time where there was also a multi-cultural society, and he had the stamina and the fortitude to take a stand for Christ, which he understood to be the fullness of truth, no matter how hard his road would take him. And his writings today are seminal for the upbuilding of the New Testament church (as it is today)... linking his training in Greek philosophy with the prophetic words of the Old Testament.

And he is responsible for the most beautiful words ever throughout Scripture. Romans 8. 1 Corinthians 13. 2 Corinthians 5. Ephesians 6. Phillippians 3. 1 Timothy.... imminently quotable, inspiring, filled with great wisdom.

It is our intention to find songs that will quote many of these remarkable texts verbatim, in a musical format that is inviting, thoughtful and even fun... so that these texts may be committed to memory with ease. In the meantime, enjoy these songs from a mix of Catholic Contemporary artists, Christian Contemporary artists, and classical musicians, so to be able to understand more of the Great Witness that is Saint Paul.

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