Breath of Dawn: music for easy listening and reflection (by Paul F. Page)

Paul F. Page, composer

Paul F. Page: Breath of Dawn

"Breath of Dawn" is a fine album of quiet, reflective orchestral music that creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere for easy listening and reflection. Classically inspired with a cinematic flair. Composed and performed by Paul F. Page -

Paul F. Page's music comes from a background steeped in classical music from the Baroque era to the present. Elements of Mendelssohn, Chopin, Mozart, Faure, Debussy, as well as influences from the visual/cinematic world can be found in this "hybrid-classical" album. Paul has been writing music for over 50 years, having worked as a choral director, arranger, composer, and as a solo artist for the last 45 years. He has created ballet, solo "art" songs, liturgical choral and assembly music, music for orchestra and solo orchestral instruments, and music for organ and piano. He has been recognized for his work as a liturgical and classical composer by ASCAP for the past 14 years, and his vocal music is performed in churches and schools throughout the U.S. where it is included in numerous publications of his octavos and solo songs.

Paul's music is featured at the on-line composers' site "" where his compositions and performances are well-known and respected for their quality, sensitivity, attention to detail, and immediate accessibility.

He is also a presence at the French site "" and a number of his compositions are also featured in the Pump Audio collection line-up. Through the magic of the internet, Paul's music is literally heard all over the world. 

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