Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory (Lenny Smith)

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Greetings, All!

Of all the songs I have written since 1965, my wife Marian likes this one the most.  She says “Our God Reigns” is “pretty good,” but nothing like “Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory." Coming-up on 50 years of marriage, I have learned that Marian is actually right more times than I am :).  SO, here is her favorite song.  I HOPE you enjoy it and can use it at church or in your devotion time at your piano or with your guitar.  Here are both the mp3 and the lead sheet. God is just so much in love with us all.

Lenny Smith


Lead sheet:


Christ In You chord progs

I really like "Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory." I like the chord progressions. I like how the soundscape "opens up wide" at "Christ in you". Really good. I think I'll sing it!

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