Covered - An Acoustic Meditation (Miller and Schletty)

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The lyrics are Jack's poem "Covered" (inspired by a terrible nightmare). The guitar track was recorded by Jack Miller in a separate "moment" with his Zoom H2 digital recorder (with no intention of marrying his poem to his guitar track). 

I took it upon myself to crisp up Jack's guitar track and overlay my baritone register, singing his words in a free-form manner.

I thank Jack and Roxylee for their ongoing inspiration in things related both to heaven and earth.

[inspired by Romans 3:21-31]

The blood of Christ
It covers me

The blood of Christ
He died for me

My sin taken
His life given

No condemnation
He has risen

Declared now just
No merit mine

By grace now blessed
Free gift I find

A new heart given
Faith to obey

His yoke easy
Christ led each day

God of heaven
Yet Savior He

This soul, blood-sealed

- Jack Miller, March 4, 2010

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