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I recommend this streaming music radio station. – TCS editor Richard –

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A free music streaming service bringing listeners into a deeper relationship with the triune God through the beautiful music of the Catholic Church. We teach the Faith through traditional hymns and contemporary favorites.

Meditation Music • Background Music • Study Hall Music • Music Therapy • Prayer Time Music • Phone “on hold” Music

All royalty FREE music. We pay the monthly music fees. 


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Living Bread Radio

I know these folks! They're from where I'm from - Canton, Ohio (USA) area. Their flagship station took over an old daytimer a couple decades ago called the "Big 1060". Good folks. 

Good to know that you know them

Good to know that you know the people behind Great Catholic Music streaming radio. I have asked them for advice on starting my own streaming service for Salmos Responsoriales.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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