Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

Number 131 from the St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book, 1920. Organist: Chuck Lenz. Soloist: Richard Schletty.

Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

1. Jesus, Jesus, come to me,
All my longing is for Thee,
Of all friends the best Thou art,
Make of me Thy counterpart.

2. Jesus, I live for Thee,
Jesus, I die for Thee,
I belong to Thee,
Fore'er in life and death.

3. Comfort my poor soul distressed,
Come and dwell within my breast,
Oh how oft I long for Thee,
Jesus, Jesus, come to me.

© 1920 by. Nicola A. Montani
Copyright renewal assigned 1947, to the St. Gregory Guild, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.


Jesus, Jesus Come to Me

Looking for different melody with alto we used to sing in the 1960's in our choir:
Jesus, Jesus come to me
Oh how much I long for thee
Come, thou of all friends the best
Take possession of my breast.

Comfort my poor soul distressed
Come and dwell within my breast,
Oh, how oft I sigh for thee
Jesus, Jesus come to me


Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me

Joan, I'll take a look through my old Catholic hymnals. Any idea what hymnal you were using? Or were you singing from an octavo?

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