Demo: Just Suppose by Milton Delgado, Richard Schletty

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Just Suppose

Milton Delgado and Richard Schletty (c)2015

Intro: A Asus2  A Asus2

   A  Asus2      E  Eadd9  E

Suppose, just suppose

F#m                 D              A   E

that the winds were never again to blow

    F#m                D        A   E

And that there were no seeds to sow

         F#m        Asus4  A      

And we'd never see another spring

      F#m            Asus4  A      

And a robin could no longer sing.

   F#m  D     A  Asus2   A  Asus2

Suppose. Just suppose.

   A  Asus2      E  Eadd9  E

Suppose, just suppose

F#m              D               A   E

That the flowers could no longer bloom

    F#m                D        A   E

And that there were no stars or moon

F#m               Asus4    A      

Trees were rooted from the ground

F#m                   Asus4  A      

And the world stopped spinning around.

   F#m  D     A Asus2  A Asus2

Suppose. Just suppose.


   D                   E              A  

Suppose the oceans and rivers were to dry

        D              Fmaj7    Gmaj7  D

And the soaring eagles could no longer fly.

    Am7           Bm7      

The sun no longer sent its light

Am7               Bm7      

Galaxies vanished from the night.

           Am7             Em7       F#m7

Oh, that's not supposed to be how it goes!


B Bsus4 B     F# Fadd9# F#

Suppose, just suppose

G#m              E               B   F#

That we could no longer hope for peace

G#m              E        B   F#

That the rains decided to cease

     G#m          E        B      

Then suddenly ... love was lost

G#m             E          B      

Who'd remain to suffer the cost?

   G#m  E     G#m  E

Suppose. Just suppose.

     G#m  E        B  Bsus4  B

Just suppose. Just suppose.

  • Artist: Milton Delgado, Richard Schletty
  • Title: Just Suppose
  • Album: Just Suppose
  • Track: 1
  • Genre: Vocal
  • Year: 2015
  • Composer: Milton Delgado, Richard Schletty
  • Length: 2:37 minutes (5.99 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Joint ster 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)
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