Nick Alexander's Favorite Thanksgiving Songs

Nick Alexander here...

This is a list of my favorite Thanksgiving songs.

  1. Thanks by Ceili Rain
  2. Give Thanks to the Lord by John Michael Talbot
  3. Thank You Lord by Celeste Zepponi
  4. Lead Me Home by Matt Maher
  5. Give Thanks to the Lord by John Flynn
  6. Thank You Lord by John Grassadonia
  7. Ps 118: Give Thanks to the Lord by Songs In His Presence
  8. Tithe After Tithe by Nick Alexander
  9. Thanks and Praise by John Angotti
  10. Thanksgiving Prayer by Bobbie Fisher
  11. Give Thanks to the Lord by Tom Booth
  12. Psalm 118 (Give Thanks to the Lord) by Joe Hand

There were a number of artists that are not on iTunes yet, that I would have liked to have added. John Polce has an excellent song called Thank You Lord. Ed Becker, off his "What Precious Love" CD, has a wonderfully infectious Thank You Jesus. Mike Harrison has a very nice rendition of Give Thanks to the Lord. And I really would have preferred to have used John Michael Talbot's Lord, It Is Good, which is currently not recorded. (Fifty albums in, yet this is not recorded... interesting).

I'm sure there is a number of people who would wonder how many renditions of Psalm 118 one would want in a playlist, but I assure you, listening to all these different renditions really drive home the thankfulness we ought to give Almighty God, our Creator, our Redeemer, our Friend. It's truly powerful.

Originally published 2007-11-20.

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