Look Up

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1st Verse:
I was an unhappy soul in the past
And dug myself into a deep hole fast...
That would take faith in something I didn't know-about
The grace was coming when I was down-and-out...
A presence could be felt and it couldn't be ignored
My negative life sentence was about to be cut-short
Because I saw the evil and pulled the cord to get some real life-support...
Jesus came to me and I somehow knew he was always watching
I was pleased and dark hallways were no longer an option...
The love is great and I'm better recently 
The hugs people take are from within-me...
It was ironic because before I could see darkness but not light
Now life's full of promise and I have armour that fits right...
The love from above is real 
I no longer push and shove as its better to wait for that meal
I guess what I'm trying to say is let GOD heal.
This time around I'm going to do life right
I was able to find GOD when my mind was no longer stuck in the night...
Life was never meant to be an easy ride
But even with all my dollars spent I saw that GOD was by our sides.
2nd Verse:
I want to be a part of the bigger scope of hope
And try to figure out how to express the most in these notes...
Call it worship rhymes
From a word-smith who has time...
For people who want to rid the lives of evil
I've been down a dark path or two and I kid you not it only leads to being miserable...
So I now have a good book by my bedside
You should take a look you might find its nice...
Biblical scriptures 
I hope I'm painting some lyrical pictures...
Of hope and happiness 
We can all learn to cope with sadness...
As it cannot be completely avoided
But I refuse to let it defeat-me because life is important...
Thank you for your time
And remember it works both ways when you adore the divine.
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Look out for Look Up! A new voicing.

I posted an audio file for Look Up. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Looking Good

Hey Richard, sounds good. Very old school hip hop feel. For somebody fairly new to the delivery of hip hop I'm very impressed. Hope you are well. GOD Bless. 
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