Maria's melody for The Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down)

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Here is Maria's version of The Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down). It is the melody that was taught to her by her mother. Compare to Robert Blue version from his 1967 album Run, Come, See. More info about the search for this song is here:

Has anyone else ever heard this version of the song? Please sign in and comment. Thank you.


This is Institucion Teresiana's version

Hello!  I graduated from Poveda Learning Centre (class of 1980), originally called Institucion Teresiana in Manila Philippines. We had annual Marian song competitions and I am told this version, which Povedans call "As the Rain Rushes Down" was composed by an earlier class.  I think it has one verse as Maria sings it.

Institucion Teresiana's version of "As the Rain Rushes Down"

Aurora, thank you for shedding more light on this song. If you can find all the lyrics, would you be so kind as to post them here?

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Maria's version of the Magnificat

I've been looking for this version and finally  found the one I grew up with, that is, Maria's version.  Back in the early 70's they used to sing it at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Metro Manila, Philippines.  I remember it having been sung with several verses but only the 1st verse stuck in my head, the one Maria sang. Back then it was sung during Holy Communion. I remember this because we only came to this church annually during the 9 day novena for Our Lady of Lourdes and found that somehow their mass songs were different from that of the other churches including my own parish. Their songs had a different tempo. Another song sang at the church that stuck in my mind was 'Come down Lord my son is ill'.

Maria's version of the Magnificat

Thank you, Cora, for providing more information about this version of the Magnificat. Blessings.

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