My Catholic Testimony (by Nick Alexander)

This is a message I received from Nick Alexander via his group mailing list. Nick is one of the founders of – Richard

Hello ... 

It's been awhile.  

If you are looking for some inspiration, my testimony of why I had converted to the Catholic Church is online.

Over a year ago, I had been asked to share my testimony in writing, for the Coming Home Network's archives.  You can read about it here:

So far, the responses to the personal account have been very well received. It details my journey from when I first had a deeper conversion to Christ as a young teen, to a hardcore Christian believer submerging himself into the evangelical subculture, to one involved with the charismatic renewal, to ultimately a Catholic.  

If you are not Catholic, you may be interested in why I had pursued such a journey.  If you are a Catholic, you may be inspired.

Here's the direct link to the article:

Thanks for reading.  The pandemic has been tough on all those who do music ministry, public speaking and live performances.  My family is fine, we're still standing.  I pray your families are doing well during this crazy time.

God bless,
Nick Alexander


Always interesting to read others’ stories

I enjoyed reading Nick's story of finding the church. Indeed, it was encouraging. Thank you to Nick for sharing and to Richard for posting this! 
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